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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

I’m a little sick today.

Nothing really bad, just a sniffle and feeling blah.

So I didn’t do much today.  I laid in bed and just kind of vegged out.  Sabby told me sometimes you just need to take some time and veg out, so I did today.  I’m still not feeling great but I’m alright, I guess.

Jack came over with a huge cup of hot chocolate and a huuuuuge chocolate bar.

I love that boy.

He always knows just what to do.

And “just what to do” usually involves chocolate.  And when it doesn’t… well, it usually involves chocolate, anyway.

Anyway, he stuck around and we listened to some funny stories on YouTube.  Involving – you guessed it – Karens.  I swear they go to a school or something for advanced karening, it’s always the same thing.  “Help me find this.” “I don’t work here.” “yes you do. Now help me find this.” “No, I don’t work here.” “stop lying to me! you’re wearing the uniform!” “No I’m not!” “I want to speak to your manager!” “Buzz off!” and then usually she starts slapping or hitting, the police get called, she starts lying up a storm, there are cameras, and she gets carted off.

It’s always the same story.  I don’t get it.

Maybe the people telling the stories are making it up.

But I’ve run into a few karens.  I don’t think they are.

I dozed off a bit and he just rubbed my back and it was soooooo nice and soothing.  Of course, the door stayed open.

Anyway, at dinner, Beth brought her boy friend (not boyfriend) over.  He seems nice enough.  Packs away the food, but seems to be well mannered and seems to respect Beth.  He’s pretty smart too – smarter than me – so they have that in common, at least.  She put on some light makeup.  Sabby didn’t really approve, but, well, she is growing up.

Katie came over too, and she gave him the third degree.  Said something about “I’m pregnant because a boy couldn’t be responsible and that won’t be happening to Beth.”  He just looked embarrassed, and Sabby said “Katie, they’re not dating yet.”  She turned red and didn’t say anything else.

I guess I can see where she’s coming from, though.  It must be a tough position to be in.

Dave did give him kind of a short version of the kind of third degree that he gave Jack.  They’re not dating yet but he said something like “She seems to like you and it’s in the contract.”

Then he said that even if they’re not dating, he can still hurt her, and he’d better not.

Anyway, I went back up to my room after dinner and Sabby brought up a root beer float.  Awwww.  Tasted good, too.  No chocolate, but Jack took care of that earlier.  haha!!!

Okay, I’m going to sleep, maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow.

Love you all!!! ❤

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