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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

I’m still sick.

A little worse than yesterday but not too bad.  Just a little stuffy and blah.  Awww.

You know, I’ve never told you if I’m vaccinated for COVID.  I’m not going to tell you, either.  I might be or might not be, you’re not going to know.  The thing is, I’ve watched people get really silly over it.  Some people think that everyone should be vaccinated, some people think that no one should, and some people just don’t care.

So if you want to think I’m vaccinated, you can.  If you want to think I’m not, you can too.  It’s kind of like what my pajamas look like.  It’s none of your business!!!

I don’t think this is COVID though.  If it is, oh well.  It’s not bad.

But I spent the day resting.  It’s nice to rest every now and then, don’t you think?  Just resting and watching YouTube and eating chocolate.  Sabby brought my some ice cream and ginger ale – nothing better than ice cream and ginger ale!!!

Well… not at the same time, I guess.

She brought me triple chocolate chunk ice cream with chocolate syrup and chocolate whipped cream!  And chocolate sprinkles too!  It’s the brownest thing I’ve ever eaten!!!

And it was DELICIOUS!!!

I always feel better after chocolate.

So I’m going back to sleep.  Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow.

Love you all!!! ❤

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