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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

OMG I didn’t write!!!  I’m bad!!!  On Friday all the girls came over and we had fun!  Dave grilled, and we played games and it was so fun!  But I forgot to write…

And then yesterday we went to that place at the Temple Mall!!!  Trampoline, wall climbing, all that stuff!  It kind of sucked for Beth because she wore a skirt!!!  She didn’t realize it until she was halfway up the climbing wall and there were a bunch of boys sitting there with popcorn like they were watching a TV show!


But we found some shorts for her to put on and she had fun anyway.  Not before they got yelled at by both Sabby and Beth though.  Poor boys.

Beth needs to be more careful about that!!!

But… I didn’t write because I was tired!  All that jumping and go-karting and lazer tagging and all that stuff wiped me out, and we all went home and just crashed!!!  It was so much fun!  I didn’t even know that place existed but we’ll be going back!!!

Temple’s about fifty miles away so a bit of a drive, but still… fun!!!

So all the girls went home today and it was a quiet day.  Thankfully.  I’m tired!!!  All that fun wears a girl out!!! But at least it makes this week a bit better.  Lots of school and stuff to do.  And Beth’s about to start her driving school too!!!

Okay, see you!!!

love you all!!! ❤

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