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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

You know what’s better than pizza?

Nothing?  BZZZZZZZZZZT.   Try again.  More pizza!  That’s the answer!!!  I love putting pizza in the microwave for lunch and om nom nom!!!  Sooo good!  Especially on a cold, rainy day like today!!!

It rarely rains here, but it rained today!  It really rained!  Rainy rain!  I ran this morning and there was a boomy!  Scared me!  But it was only one boomy, so I finished my run, then came home soaked and took a shower!  Soooo nice!  Nothing better than a nice, hot shower after running in the rain!!!  And it rained allllll day!!!  So much rain!!!

But we need rain. Rain is good.  As long as it’s not every day.  This Thursday we’re supposed to get freezing rain!  Brrrrr!!!!  Cold!!!

Oh girl scouts are out selling their cookies!  Sabby never buys them.  She prefers to make their own, she calls it scouty crack.  Dave, though, loves to get the girls with dad jokes.  I’m not the only one he pranks!  He asks them if they’re made with reeeaaalll girl scouts!  Hahaaha!  The funniest thing is the girls don’t think it’s funny, but the mothers fall over laughing!!!

I guess that’s why they call them dad jokes!  Dave’s a dad!!!

Sabby took me out this evening for some practice driving in the rain.  It’s different in the rain!  The ground is wet and the tires slip a little and you can’t just hit the brakes like you can on dry pavement!  And after the sun goes down the pavement is all shiny and hard to see!!!  But it’s good practice!!!  Then we came home and Sabby made a delicious dinner!  But all her dinners are delicious!  I don’t think she should just make cookies!  I think she should open a restaurant!  Call it Sabby’s!

But I don’t know if I can talk her into that.  She likes the idea of selling her cookies, actually, but I think she’s a little scared.

Dave and Sabby came to a decision on school.  They said the concepts are still important, but they agree that books by themselves are boring.  So they are going to have the three of us make videos!  Each one of us will choose an age-appropriate topic, and then we’ll collaborate on the videos!  If they’re good we’ll even put them on YouTube!  How fun!  But we have to do the editing, and the special effects, and the presentation, and everything!

Now that sounds like a fun way to learn!  And I bet it sticks better too!!!

Aaaaanyway, that’s my day!  It was a dayey day!  That sounds weird.  I guess you can’t turn everything into an adjective!  An adjectivey adjective!!  I’ll stick to boringly boring, and rainy rain, and Jacky Jack!  Hahah!  Jack is so Jacky!  I love that about him!  He’s the Jackiest Jack that ever Jacked!  Hahahaha!!!!

Okay okay okay!  Goodnight!

Love you all!!!  ❤

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