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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!


It’s so ooey and gooey and greasy… well, the greasy part isn’t great.  But the ooey and gooey and cheesy and meaty and… and cheesy parts are great!  It makes those little strings of cheese and just tastes sooooooo good!  Pizza is one of the wonders of the world!

Can you tell Sabby ordered pizza tonight?

I like all kinds!  I like the ones with lots of meat!  I like the ones with lots of veggies!  I like the ones with meats and veggies!  I like the ones with lots of cheeses!  I like the ones with meats and veggies and cheeses, with parmesan and pepper and ranch on top!  I even like the ones with pineapple!  I just love pizza!!!  It’s not as good as chocolate, but if they made a chocolate pizza I’d be in heaven!!!

And I love chicken wings with ranch sauce, and breadsticks with marinara sauce, and… and I’ll have to run!  A lot!  I have a really high metabolism but I just love pizza too much!  It just goes right through the teeth and into my tummy!!!

But running tomorrow might not be fun.  It’s supposed to rain!  But it’s okay.  We need the rain!  And I don’t mind the rain as long as it’s not storming!  I come home and my hair is stringy and wet and I have to shake it off like a dog!  But then I go into a nice warm shower and everything’s okay again!!!

Dave and Sabby are still talking about our schooling.  They’re taking it seriously.  We do have teachers and all that, but they just teach from books just like public schools do.  I like learning.  But I like doing better!!!  And when I do, I can learn!  But I don’t know what I want to do!  There are soooo many things!  I like Dave’s idea about the car, but what if it’s something else I like to do?  Maybe even sewing!  I’ve never sewed!  And I like clothing and fashion!!!

Well, let’s see what they have to say.  I’m sure they’ll let us know when they have some ideas.

Not much to say tonight!!!  It was a quiet day!  I worked!  I ate pizza!  And now Beth and I are going to brush each others’ hair!!!  I love that ritual of ours!!!  She’s my sister!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

And you’re SILLY BILLIES!!!!

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