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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

What a nice evening! 

So they figured out what they’re going to do with Crystal now.  She’s going to be homeschooled by her mother until the end of the year, and then they’ll figure out whether to put her back in school.  She lost a lot of time, unfortunately.  But I’m sure they’ll figure it out, and we’ll still have lessons together!  She’ll come over sometimes on the weekends because she and Beth are BFFs now!

So Sabby took Crystal home, and Liz and her parents came over to eat.  We had Beef Stroganoff!  And cookies!  It was good!  And then we played games and watched a movie!  I don’t know which movie we watched!  But it was nice!  Beth got all cuddly and Liz and I ended up with different Beth-parts!  I got the head, she got the feet!  But we didn’t mind, and Liz got in a few tickles.  Beth deserved it!

No drama today, nothing out of the ordinary, no mischievous Beth or Crystal or even Liz, except Liz is staying over and the three of us are having a slumber party!  I found this game at the store called Girls’ Night Out!  It seems fun!  We’ll try it!  Probably better than truth or dare.  Truth or dare can be fun but it can go off the rails really fast!

Well, it’s time to go play games and try not to wake Sabby up by squealing too loud!

Love you all!!! ❤

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