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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Well, back to practicing after the holidays.  I really love the piece I’m learning – Saint-Saens’ concerto #2.  Technically, it’s hard but not that hard.  It’s really hard musically though.  Every note is important and even just messing one up slightly can take you entirely out of the piece.  It’s really emotional too.  I played it for Yuki (well, I found a youtube video) and she started tearing up.  “It’s just so passionate“, she said, softly.,

It is, I  guess.  I really hope I can do it justice.

The third movement is awful though.  Where the first movement is relatively simple but passionate, the third movement is the opposite.  Technically difficult but kind of just smacks you in the face.

Liz wants to start practicing for her recital too.  I don’t know where I’m going to find time!  Oh well.

I would actually buy a real piano, but if I’m leaving for Japan in a few months…

Oh.  Speaking of which…  I started filling out the application to Meiji though.  It’s difficult because I don’t have a real transcript, and I’m not sure what to do.  I guess I need to sign up to take the SAT tests.  I guess there are some times available the end of Feb., so I guess I should get to studying for that too.  More stuff to do!  Arrrgh!

I need to send them a mail and ask them what they require.  I guess they’re a little different than Japanese colleges, because they’re kind of like a western college in Japan… well, kind of.

It helps that I can pay for it in cash, though.  No need for a scholarship or anything.  Though I guess I should see if I qualify for one anyway, why spend money I don’t have to?

Oh well.  Lots to do.  I’ll try to keep posting here though!!!

Minami has her audition soon.  I hope it goes well!!!  It’s funny how I have one friend who was a very famous idol and got sick of it, and another who has a very real chance of actually becoming an idol or singer.  I wonder how that will work out.  Maybe they’re right that I’m just a walking shrine.  Things just seem to happen to me and people around me.  Mostly good… but not always, it seems..  I asked Yuki if her parents would take in Minami if she needs it.  She said they seemed to get along, but…  I don’t think it’s their first option, but she doesn’t think they’d let her be homeless.  Besides, if she gets a job as a singer or an idol, she’d just need a bit of help until she can support herself.

Ganbatte, Minami.  We’re all rooting for you.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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