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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Well, we’re back to boringly boring days.  It was cold and windy today.  Yesterday it rained a bit, but today was nice, just really cold and windy.  I went out for my run and needed a tracksuit!  Aww!!!

But it warmed up a little, yay.

Minami had her audition today.  Well… last night for me.  She said it went very well, but they were going to take some time to talk amongst themselves.  They scheduled her for fitting of a costume, though… so maybe that’s a good sign.  She said her mother’s really pissed off, but she doesn’t care.  She’d feel differently if her mother was actually disabled, but she’s just a useless alcoholic (according to Minami) so as far as she’s concern, she’s made her bed.  If her father wants to man up and take care of her…

Man, she gets a little bitter.

She’s been talking to Yuki’s parents about having a fallback place to stay if she needs it.  They’re not opposed to it but don’t think it’s the right time.  They might be right, but oh well.  We’ll see what happens, I guess.

Apparently idols who are pretty like she is and can actually sing aren’t very common, so she’ll go far.

The shop’s calmed down a lot now that the holiday’s over.  Now we have to take everything to the accountant and get our taxes filed, etc.  I used to do that but I think it’s better if someone more qualified than me does it, I kind of gave up.  At least I tried.  We had a really good year.  I mean, maybe it wasn’t a banner year, but we are well in the black, and we might even be able to afford a bonus (don’t tell cat-girl yet, who knows what she’ll buy before she has the money in hand…  bet it’s naughty… that girl…)  But we’ll see what the accountant says.  As I keep saying.. they’re no denying she and the other girls are a major draw.

We’re getting lots of inquiries from Japan about if or when Yuki’s going to hold another concert.  We’re not sure.  It’s all up to Yuki.  She does seem to have fun, though…  so, I guess we’ll see what she thinks.

Who’d have thought a little shop in Round Rock would be so popular in Japan?  It’s kinda weird.  Maybe it’s another consequence of my being a “walking shrine”.

I don’t think we’re all going to Japan this summer.  For Sabby and family it was a once in a lifetime thing (well, you know what I mean), for my friends it was really fun but they’re not all that interested in Japan like I am… Emiko might want to, but truthfully, if I’m going to college it’ll just be going home and then going right back, and what’s the point in that?  I guess we’ll figure it out.  I might go to Japan to see Minami perform if she ends up as big as I think she might.  That would be fun.  But then it’ll probably be just me.

Alright… I practiced my cute little tushy off today so I’m going to park that cute little tushy in bed with a warm dog to keep me company, so…

Love you all!!! ❤️

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