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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And today was actually good!!!

So it started out normal.  I went to the shop with Sabby, and helped out today.  Truthfully, there wasn’t much else to do, and I figured they could use the help.  It’s quite a bit slower right now, because the holidays are over, buuuuuut cat-girl started something interesting.  The shop is becoming known for a cosplay-friendly place.  So cat-girl sits behind the counter wearing costumes, and people walk in wearing costumes, and they spend a little time talking about their costumes!!!  I’m…  honestly not sure how I feel about this.  But it’s one way of getting a good client base, and they do buy cookies.

Even if they say cliched anime things while buying their cookies.

We’ve unwittingly stumbled into something kind-of-but-not-quite like a maid cafe.


Here’s the funny thing – Ai told her friends back in Japan about our cookie shop, and some of them told their friends – and now we have a bit of a cult following in Japan.  Nothing like KFC, but we keep getting mails in Japanese asking if we can ship to Japan.  I… don’t actually know how to respond.  I mean, I can write responses, but.. .how do we even do this???

I told Katie and cat-girl that it’s probably in their best interest to learn some basic Japanese.

They don’t seem too interested, but I told them if this keeps up, we’re getting Japanese tourists, and they should at least know how to greet them.  Then I said I’d teach them the basics.

They begrudgingly agreed.

I’m sure it’ll be fun.

But that’s not what made the day good.

Jack had the day off, and he wanted me to teach him how to change a tire!!!

So…  I did.  I showed him how to use the jack (haha, I already know how to use the Jack), and loosen the nutty things, and all that.  I also showed him how to change oil and do other basic stuff.

He picked it up quick.  He’s not a dumb guy.  Just no one showed him.

It’s nice spending time with him like that.

Okay.  I have a bit of a headache, so bedtime!!!

Love you all! ❤

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