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Hi! It’s me! Lily!


Sabby took Liz and I shopping.  We got stuff for our carry-ons, snacks, clothing, books, all sorts of things we might need for such a long trip!  OMG!  Then we came home and packed our backpacks and our luggage and all that stuff!!!  Tomorrow we’re going to Houston to stay at Emiko’s!  Then we’ll go to the airport at stupid o’clock Friday morning!

I’m a little nervous and scared and excited!!!  I’ve barely been out of Texas! (Though I did go to Ohio to see Jack that one time.)  Beth seems to have gotten over her jealousy, especially because I promised to bring her back something.  I’ll miss her!  I’ll miss everyone!  But I’m glad to be going with Liz.

Oh, we had to get our PCR tests too.  Negative!  Yay!!!

Anyway, I’m too excited to write!  I have to walk Marie!  I’ll miss her too!

Love you all!!! ❤

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