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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Konnichiwa!  Lily desu!!!

And I’m soooo lagged!!!

Today we didn’t do a whole lot, we were just catching up on sleep for the most part.  But Emiko’s sister and my cousins came over.  There’s a girl about my age, her name is Ai.  It’s kind of like Aika, but not.  She’s very polite but has a mischievous streak.  And there’s a younger boy, maybe David’s age.  His name is Hiroshi.  He’s much better mannered than David, but who isn’t?  Hah!  But they came over early afternoon.  Introductions were made, and while Emiko and her sister caught up, Ai, Aika, Mika, me and Liz took a walk.  Hiroshi stayed back, I guess five girls is a lot.  Japan is so different!  All of the houses are so smushed together, the streets are narrow, and the sidewalks aren’t very wide.  Emiko’s parents live close to a rail station, which is nice, but we didn’t take the train today.  Ai took us to a konbini!  A convenience store!  I’ve heard a lot about Japanese convenience stores, and this one was neat!  It’s a Lawson’s!!!  They had snacks, and snacks, and… snacks!!! But different snacks!  Onigiri, kit-kats, lots of stuff!!!  Liz went nuts!!!  She got a whole bag of stuff, but then one of us had to translate for her and help her pay.  I think Liz is a little uncomfortable with not knowing the language, but she likes the snacks!!!

Oh, and they have different kinds of chocolate!  I got a bag full of that!!!  I had to ask the cashier to “yukkuri kudasai” but I understood her.  Yay!!!

They had a Purikura too!!!  Liz and I took a photo!!!  I’ll post it sometime!!!

Ai told us a little about her life.  She’s fourth year secondary (kind of like a sophomore in our terms) and she attends high school in Saitama.  She asked me about American high school, and I said that I don’t know anything about it, I don’t have any memories of before, and I started school during the pandemic.  But Liz knows more!  Thankfully Ai can speak some English, but there’s definitely going to be some language issues.  That’s alright, we can teach each other.  Ai wants to take me to her house before I leave.  That sounds like fun!

Otherwise we just stayed in and chatted and got to know each other.  Normally we’d play games, but they didn’t have any.  So we just chatted and ate our snacks and it was fun.  Hiroshi seems like a cool kid too, but since Aika and Mika and Hiroshi are cousins, no kid crushes here!!!

Tomorrow we go sightseeing!!!  I’m not sure where we’re going but I’m pretty sure it’ll be somewhere in Tokyo!

Minasan daisuki! ❤

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