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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

It’s cool, humid, and rainy in Saitama and Tokyo today!  Sabby tells me it’s still like 103 degrees back in Austin!!!  It’s nice here!!!

Anyway, today we all went to Tokyo!  Well, not all of us.  Ai, Liz, me, Hiroshi, Aika, and Mika!!!  The adults stayed back to do their own thing.  I think they wanted us out of the house for a while – I mean, yeah, five girls and a boy is a lot.  Hiroshi seems a bit uncomfortable around all the girls, but he wanted to go with us!!!

We were going to go to Tokyo Tower and the Sky Tree, but it’s cloudy today, so we decided to just go shopping.  First we went to Akihabara.  Liz went nuts!!!  Absolutely nuts!!!  She went to the manga store and the anime store and the gadget store and got some gacha and she just went crazy!  At one point she just grabbed my hand and yoinked me into a store!  But it was fun!  I picked up some kawaii stuff too!!!  And then for lunch we went to a maid cafe!  They said “irasshaimase goshujinsama!” and everything!!!  I thought Hiroshi’s eyes were going to bug out!  But all the girls were really sweet and they doted on him.  They kinda doted on Liz too, which was hilarious.  Me, I just wanted to eat my ramen.

At the end all the girls gave Hiroshi a kiss on the cheek!  I thought he was going to explode from redness!  But it was cute!  Liz even got a kiss on the cheek!!!

Liz is straight but she turned beet red too!!!

I didn’t really want the kiss on the cheek, so I just bowed.  They bowed back, and gave my cheek kiss to Hiroshi.  Poor kid!!

Then we walked around a bit more…  We couldn’t see an AKB48 concert but Liz wanted to at least see the theater.  It was closed but at least she was able to visit the Don Quijote.  She thought she saw one of the idols but wasn’t sure!!!

After all that, we took the train to Harajuku and watched all the crazily dressed people!!!  And bought some more kawaii stuff!!!  Tokyo has so many big buildings!  It’s amazing!!!

Then we went to Shibuya station, and saw the world famous Shibuya Scramble!!!  So many people going in so many different directions!  It was amazing!!!  And we saw the famous dog statue too!!!  Look up “Shibuya dog statue” on Google if you want to see a photo!!!  We got some ice cream and took the train back home!  We were already carrying so much stuff!!!  I mean Liz really did go nuts, but she was so happy to see all the stuff she’d just heard about!!!

Tomorrow we’re all taking the Shinkansen to Hiroshima for a day or so!  And we’ll visit rabbit island (ookunoshima) too!  Where there are thousands of rabbits!!!  I hear there’s a cat island but we might not be able to see it.  Oh well.

Love you all!!! ❤

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