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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And I’m a little sad today.

Today was fun, really it was.  We got up today, and Emiko and Aika and Mika wanted to have a lazy day – plus they already saw what we wanted to.  So Ai, Liz, and I took the train to Tokyo and went to the Sky Tree!  It was warm but beautiful, absolutely clear.  We went up to the top and got loads of pictures of Tokyo, Fujisan, and all sorts of stuff.  Tokyo really is a pretty city.  There are lots of bridges, and buildings, and mountains, and water…  and people.  So many people.  But we got our fill of the view up there, and then we just wandered around the city.  Ai knew a few interesting places.  Because we couldn’t go to cat island, she took us to a cat cafe!  It was so cool!  You could drink coffee and pet a cat!  And they had cat treats you could buy so the cats got something out of the deal too!  It was funny, some of the cats were just making the rounds looking for treats!

Japan has a different relationship with their pets than we do.  We treat animals like members of the family, like people.  Japanese love their pets, don’t get me wrong, but they’re first and foremost animals, and they’re treated as such.  They don’t really think anything of using them or taking advantage of them.  But the thing about animals is, they really don’t care all that much, as long as you keep the treats coming, so it all works out.

So after wandering around a bit, and eating lunch, we went back to Saitama, and Liz wanted to stock up on some more Japanese treats, so we make a quick trip to the konbini.

But tonight I’m feeling sad.

Tomorrow is Lily Day.  And I’m thousands of miles away from everyone who wants to celebrate it with me.

I remember last year, when they announced Lily Day.  Beth was still angry with me (and I understand why), and they didn’t understand why I got a day.  But they took me out for chocolate pancakes, and I got to decide how we were going to spend the day, and… and it was wonderful.  That was the day I first realized that they actually loved me.  Not just took me in, not just gave me a home, but really, truly loved me.  And…  and it meant something to me.  It meant a lot to me.  And now… now I’m in Japan and they’re there and… and no Lily Day.

Like I said, it wasn’t about what I could do, or what they could give me… it was a day they gave me because they loved me and they wanted me around and… and…

I’m going to cry.

They wanted me and Emiko didn’t want me, and…  and….

Oh God.

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