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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Oh today was sooo much fun!  So this morning we hopped down to Akihabara so we could take the Tsukuba express line, and…  ended up in Tsukuba!  What’s in Tsukuba, you might ask?  A dog amusement park!!!

Yes, an amusement park full of dogs!  Wan Wan land!

There were so many dogs to play with and pet!!!  And they had dog shows too!!  And cats too!!!  We had such a good time there!!!

When we got back to Akihabara, we all spent some time buying souvenirs for back home!  Lots of very kawaii stuff!!!  Beth will love it!

When we got back to Saitama, Emiko had a surprise for Liz!!!  And it was a whopper too!!!  She’s gotten tickets to An AKB48 concert on Wednesday at their theater!!!  The theater’s closed tomorrow, and usually it takes a long time to get tickets, but they make allowances for people who are international visitors!!!  We’re going to see an idol concert!!!  I wish the cafe was open, that’s how Shinoda Mariko (ue kara Mariko!) got her start.  But I guess that’s the way life is now.

She couldn’t get many tickets so it’s just me, Liz, and Ai, but hey!!!  It’ll be so cool!!!

But tomorrow’s going to be a free day.  No one has anything planned.  Maybe I’ll go to a garden and just zone out.  That actually sounds like fun.  The shrines are really peaceful places.

Anyway, yesterday’s entry was long, so today’s is short.  Wan wan!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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