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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Did I say I love my sisters?  Because right now I’m really really really annoyed with them!!! I can’t believe how annoyed I am with them!!!!  GRRRRR!!!!!

Okay, so let me tell the story.

Apparently when I thought they were holed up in their room yesterday playing games?  They, umm…  weren’t playing games.  They went over to Akihabara and bought some cosplay outfits.  They bought slightly anime-like middle school uniforms with wigs with different colors.  But they didn’t tell me what they did!!!  They even bought Crystal one!!!

I don’t even know how they paid for it!!! I’m going to have to do some questioning!!!

So anyway, today the plan was to do a little sightseeing.  There are some interesting things around Odaiba, like a statue of liberty replica, and also there’s a samurai castle museum we wanted to visit.  So… we hopped on the train.

Imagine this:  Me.  Wearing a sundress and looking like a typical gaijin.  And eleven girls wearing school uniforms, colored hair, and cat ears all hovering around, calling me “onee-chan” (big sister), using incredibly high voices, saying “nyan” at random times, and just making asses of themselves.  And a bunch of highly amused adults just telling me to deal with it.

They were playing a prank on me!!!

They were completely respectful – in fact, they were way too respectful.  They looked at me with doe eyes, called me onee-chan, when we went to buy tickets to a place they all said “onee-chan will buy the tickets, nya” in that insufferable high voice, and…  everyone was just looking at us like we were completely insane.  I’m pretty sure I heard “baka gaijin” muttered on the train more than once.  And I don’t blame them!!!

And they didn’t drop the act until we were back at the hotel.

They collapsed in giggles.  I… just stomped off.  I admit, I was very embarrassed and a little angry.

Were they cute?  Yes.  Was it a harmless prank?  Well, mostly.  Was it completely mortifying?  DARN RIGHT!!!  Especially in Japan where we were making a spectacle of ourselves!!!

I’m back in the hotel now.  They’re trying to make up with me.  I’m not talking with them.  Maybe tomorrow.  I’m thoroughly cheesed.

And worse???

It’s already on tiktok!!!  GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Love you all!!! 

But my sisters are on my list!!!  The little….   I’d better stop now.  I haven’t been this mad since Beth pinched my floppy bits.

To Sabby’s credit…. when she saw them like that, she said “you know she’s going to get you back, right?”



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