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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And apparently I’m a jerk.

I don’t think I am but everyone else does.

I’m not a jerk!  I don’t think.  But I just don’t like it when people embarrass me like that!!!  And in Japan, where people really care about that kind of thing!!! It was awful!!!

And the adults were in on it too!!!  I wanted to know where they got the money?  Rebecca’s mother!!!  The same mother who got mad at Rebecca for daring me to get hot chocolate from the kitchen in a too-small swimsuit!!!  She thought it was hilarious!!!  And Sabby yelled at me this morning!!!  She thought I should just laugh!!!  But I don’t want to laugh!!!

Then Sabby asked if I’d have thought it funny if someone else had been the “foil”.

Dang.  Awww.

But I still don’t like it!!!

Sabby doesn’t understand Japanese culture the way I do.  They don’t like people who do things out of the ordinary.  They like it when people behave predictably and don’t do silly things in public.  They might not say anything but it really bothers them!!!  Someone could have called the police on us!  We weren’t breaking any laws so they might not have done anything, but it would have still been a pain!!!

Sabby understood why I was angry a little better when I told her that, but she said it was still harmless, no one did call the police, and I was still being a jerk.  An immature jerk.  Aww.

Today everyone else went off to do something, I didn’t really care what, and I didn’t ask.  I went with Sabby and Dave to Meiji University, an English speaking college, and got a tour.  I’m thinking of going to college here!!!  It might be fun!!!  But…  I don’t know.  I’ll certainly have the money for it.  I just… it’s a little scary, right?  And they need things like diplomas and recommendations, and… I’m home schooled!  Who’s going to diploma and recommend me?  I hate that I might not be able to do what I want to because of choices I didn’t make, like losing my memory!!! Awwwww!!!!!!!!!

I guess I should go.  The girls haven’t talked to me all night because I haven’t talked to them, but now they want to talk, and maybe I’d better.

They’re still my sisters, even if I’m still mad at them.

Oh!  Katie’s in labor!!!  I’ll let you know more when I know!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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