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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And I’m TIRED!!!

So many things to do over the weekend, and today I worked…  and practiced with Liz tonight.  She’s really looking forward to her recital!

I made a video page on this site.  Most of the videos are just random stuff I pulled off of YouTube and like a lot.  There’s some Babymetal, some other Japanese groups, other things.  It’s fun!  I just figured it was better to have them in one place, then you can see what I like!!!

I’ll put my videos there too, but when I get time.  I haven’t done videos in a while.  I should.

Oh I should put some videos about that guy doing the waterpark stuff too!!! It’s fun!!!  And interesting!!!

So after the last few very busy days, I’m not going to write too much.  I leave for Japan in about two weeks!  YAY!!!  Emiko is really looking forward to it too.  She hasn’t seen her parents in a while because of the virus.  I asked her what they’re like, and she told me the story of when she left for the US.  They…  weren’t too happy with her.  She didn’t come back for many years, and when she did, she dragged her new husband back with her.  It took her a long time to repair that relationship, she said.  Japanese people…  don’t forgive easily.  Her parents are kind of traditional.  And she broke all kinds of rules.

But they are happy to meet me.  They have one other grandchild, close to my age.  Turns out Emiko has a sister, but she never left Japan.  She wants to meet me.

I’d like to meet her too.  I didn’t know I had a cousin.

I asked her if she’s related to Suzuka and Himeka.  She said Nakamoto is a common name, and maybe distantly, but…  she doesn’t know.

Anyway, bedtime.

Love you all!!! ❤

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