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Hi! it’s me! Lily!

Liz is 17 today!!!

And OMG what a party!!!

So remember what I said about the party being at Liz’s house?  I was wrong!  It was at the WATERPARK!!!  I know we went on Saturday, but we went again!!!  There were so many people there!!!  And we had soooo much fun!!!  That was nice of Liz!!!

Anyway, we gave her her presents there, and they even had people come around with a cake-ish kind of thing, with candles and everything!  She blew out the candles and we ate and drank and gave her presents!!!

I…  had not forgotten what she gave me last year, so…  I can’t tell you what I gave her, but she blushed so hard!!!  And threatened to get me back.  I just said “lurid purple thing”, and she sighed.  “Fair enough, you got me back,” she said.  But the look in her eyes was promising that this wasn’t over.

Uh-oh.  haha!!!

She refused to show anyone else what I gave her, and…  hahaha!!!!

But I gave her a “real” present too.  I got her a kimono!  A real kimono!  With an obi and everything!!!  It’s so pretty!  She loved it!!!  She’s going to take to Japan with her!  She was actually surprised – usually she’s the one giving me things about asian culture!!

Her parents gave her a car!!!  Maybe a little bit fancier than mine but of the same general type.  No parents seem to want to give their children brand new cars, and that’s completely understandable.  She’s taken some driving lessons but now she has a real reason to!  I’m not jealous though.  Mine is nice enough and works fine, so…

I won’t go into what everyone got her because there was so much, but she loved it all, and by the end she was almost crying, she was so happy!!!  Awww!!!  I gave her a big hug and told her we love her.  She said “I know.”  I laughed.  Girl does love her some Star Wars.

She’s a little nerdier than me, but not too much.

Anyway, It’s been a very long weekend and I’m tired.  David’s not quite as insufferable as I thought he would be, but he’s certainly more confident, and he seems to be a hit with the girls.  Sigh.  Except for Allison.  She’s well past done with him.  But Aika and Mika, well… they were certainly looking at him a bit differently!!!

Marie needs walked and there are lots of fireworks outside, so I hope she’s not too scared.

Love you all!!! ❤

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