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HI! It’s me! Lily!!!

So tonight Liz and I had our dress rehearsal!  It went pretty well!  I dressed nicely but conservatively, like Liz asked, and she wore a very pretty short black dress with a plunging back.  OMG it was so pretty!  I should find one like that!  I have that short black dress I wore on my first date with Jack, but this one was different.  I like it!!!

Look at me, talking about a dress rehearsal and all I can talk about is what we wore.  I’m such a girl sometimes.

Anyway, it went pretty well.  I did get to play on a concert grand again.  That’s so much fun!  I love how it feels and sounds!  Like with my recital, she’s sharing the stage with another student.  But the teacher is happy, we’re as prepared as we’re going to be, and Sunday we have her recital!!!

Liz is so nervous!!!

But she gave me a big hug for accompanying for her.  She knows she’s a perfectionist but she says I’m good and I follow her really well, and what more can you ask out of an accompanist?  Took me a while to pick up on that, though.

Anyway, in other news, it’s still hot.  No girls tonight.  I guess after last weekend where it was girls galore, their families want to spend some time with them too.  I guess that’s understandable.  Japan next weekend!!!  I’m sooo excited!!!  So is Liz!!!

After the recital I’m going to go into a mini-quarantine and not go anywhere I don’t absolutely have to.  I don’t want to risk catching the virus!  I’ll even wear a mask at work!!!  I hate the virus.  It messes everything up.

We ordered pizza and they saved some for me.  Leftover pizza and root beer with chocolate for dessert!  Yum!

Love you all!!! ❤

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