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Hi! It’s me!  Lily!!!

And it’s SOOOO HOTTT!!!!!

I mean HOT HOT!!!  Today was 105!!!  And tomorrow’s supposed to be 106!!! And it won’t get below 100 until Thursday!!!  Sabby tells me that some Texas summers are mild, but that this isn’t one of them.  Ewwww.

Jack’s laughing at me.  It’s below 90 there.  Aww.  But I’ll remember that, and laugh at him when it’s below zero there and 50 degrees here!!!  Hahaha!!!!  Karma’s a karen!!!  It looks like the weather in Japan is kind of like the weather in Ohio right now, so yay!!!

I had a quiet day.  Liz and I didn’t practice today.  After our dress rehearsal, it just felt like over-practicing.  So Sabby took us to the mall.  We just wandered around in the air conditioning.  Neither of us bought a whole lot, but it was fun to just wander and eat some yummy and terrible-for-you mall food.  Sabby needed a  new top and some shoes anyway.  Well…  “needed” is a strong word.

All of the business stuff is with the lawyer right now.  He said that he thinks that the trust administrator also having shares in our company would be a conflict of interest and he didn’t seem to happy that the administrator even proposed the idea, so he’s going to draft a polite legalese letter saying basically “this isn’t a good idea, please stick to administering the trust, and we trust this won’t affect your decision on whether to invest.”  But things just got a lot stickier.  I’m going to leave it to the lawyer.  Worst case, I have to wait another year until I’m 18, then I can invest whatever I want.  Personally, I wouldn’t mind, but I can see his point.

I believe in Sabby’s cookies though, I really do.

Jack and I do still talk.  A lot.  But he’s kind of become like a part of the furniture to me – in a good way.  I don’t talk much about him because we don’t always talk about interesting stuff and sometimes it just devolves to “I love you” “I love you more” “I miss you” “if you were here right now I’d…” umm…  blushing.  But you get the idea.  I do miss him a lot, but I know we’re young and I’ve (hopefully) got the rest of my life to spend with him if he’s the right one.  Right now I think he is, but…  life happens, right?

Oh, and next month I get my “real” license!!!  Where I don’t need Sabby or Dave in the car with me!!! That’s scary!!!

Tomorrow’s Liz’s concert!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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