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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And it’s so HOT outside!!!

This morning I took Marie for a walk, and had a run with Liz.  Then we just stayed indoors.  It hit 104 degrees!!! OUCH!!!  Thank goodness for air conditioning!!!

Sabby did take us to the mall, though, and we did mall stuff.  You know, wandered around, looked at the pretty lights, tried on some clothes (Liz wanted a new dress and she found a really pretty one), you know, the stuff us girls do at a mall.

Normally we’d take Marie and play outside, but it was too hot, so we just threw the ball in the house.  She loves it when we stand at the top of the stairs and throw the ball down.  She runs after it, grabs it, and brings it back up.  Silly pup.

Anyway, in other news, David got his hog!!!  Actually, they got a couple!!!  So apparently what they did was took him and a few others out at night, gave them some relatively high power air rifles (after teaching them safety, of course), and let them at the hogs.  They got like five!!  Sabby says she never heard David so happy!!!  Actually, it’s even better than that, apparently his girl friend (not girlfriend, at least I don’t think) found that to be incredibly “manly” (at least for a ten year old) and is now calling him her “pig killing man” (you’d think a girl that age would be grossed out, but it takes all kinds, I guess).  OMG he loves that!!!  The counselors said she’s now the one following him around like a lost puppy.

He’d done his part, so they let him relax in his dorm while a bunch of other kids (the ones who didn’t mind) learned how to clean and cook them.  They had pork for dinner!!!  And the counselors told everyone in the camp who was responsible for killing their dinner!!!  Even the ones who minded still ate the food!!!  And they caught his girl friend feeding him!!!  EWWW!!!!  But HAHAHA!!!!!  I guess they put a stop to that, but later on they were cuddling on a bench watching the sun set.  How cute!!!

Dave and Sabby seemed a little surprised at the fact that the camp was teaching them that, but Dave shrugged.  “Maybe he just needs to know what it’s like to be a man,” he said.  Sabby seemed a bit doubtful but couldn’t deny the fact that David seemed to be having a smashing time.  Is being a man killing stuff?

Dave says no, not really.  It’s not so much about killing stuff as it is about bringing food back for their tribe, and that’s exactly what he did.  There was even a female who appreciated his efforts, and Dave says that that’s certainly a major element of feeling like a man.  I don’t get it.  But I guess when I take care of Marie or Grace or even Cat, or when Jack buys me stuff and protects me, I feel a bit like a woman, so…  I guess I do.  A little.  Like what I said about boys boying and girls girling.  Right?

Doesn’t mean I can’t do what men do and men can’t do what I do, but…  different things make us happy most of the time, I guess.

Dave’s going to go out and get some rifles.  I guess hunting is in their future.  Even though he doesn’t know much about it.

Diana and Crystal are over tonight too, and we’re watching movies and playing games.  So much fun!  It’s amazing how well we all get along, right?  Diana wants us to come over to her house soon.  I think that’d be fun.  Especially if she makes her wonderful tacos.

Love you all!!! ❤


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