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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And now I understand why adults like Fridays so much!!!

I like my job!  I really do!  Sure, it’s not the most rewarding and fulfilling of jobs, I mean, there’s only so far you can get with shelf stocking and pallet unloading and karen wrangling.  It’s still a good job and pays obscenely well (at least that’s what Dave says).  But still, when it’s Friday, it’s like everything is just that much better!!!  And I go home and usually at least one girl is hanging around, and we get to do fun stuff like watch movies and play games and make girl piles and sleep in (if Marie lets me!) and Saturdays are just soooo nice.

Sabby brought up too that I need to start thinking about college.  I don’t know.  I don’t even know if a college will accept me – I have no transcript.  I don’t even know who to talk to about that.  Maybe I should talk to the lawyer and find out what my options are.  I mean, that’s not his specialty, but at least he knows people.  I’m not even really sure I want to go to college.  I mean I certainly want to get an education, but college just seems like a… not so nice place.  But thankfully I have some time to figure that out.  Maybe if they send me to a private school, they’ll have people who can help.

Dave had some kinda bad news.  He’s willing to build a little workshop, but our house is zoned residential.  He can’t get it permitted.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that we seem to be in the beginning stages of a real estate crash.  I mean, not good news, but good news for us, because we might be able to find a storefront cheap.  But there’s still lots of legal stuff to get out of the way, and even so, we’ll have to renovate.  Dave certainly can help with that!!!

Anyway.  Liz is over tonight!!!  And we’re not going to practice accompanying!  Her parents came over too, and we had a nice dinner.  Her parents seem to be loosening up a little, which is nice.  Especially since I’m dating Jack, they seem to consider me, and by extension us, family.

Speaking of Jack, the silly billy sent me more chocolate!!!  And the REALLY GOOD kind!  But…  it’s hot, and most of it melted.  Aww.  But melted chocolate is still chocolate, right?  I just got some graham crackers and marshmallows and we’ll have the world’s most expensive s’mores.  And besides, it’s the thought that counts.  I wish I could send Jack what I know he really wants, but Sabby forbids it, and there are laws.  But…  I wrote him a story.  A very nice story.  A very, very nice story.  With lots of, err… descriptions, and stuff.  OMG he loved it!  Boys…

I don’t mind, though.  Boys are not girls (Sabby tells me saying that can get me in trouble in the wrong places but it’s true!).  So he’s gonna boy and I’m gonna girl, and when that happens at the same time, omg… it’s the best thing in the world!!!

Well, that and chocolate.  And at the same time…  well, that’s for the story.  Not for the diary.  Haha!!

Anyway, we watched our movie, and now Liz and Beth and I are going to make a pile.  No other girls this week, I guess Diana’s finally moving back into her house, and Crystal and her parents are taking a much deserved vacation.  Not all that far away, but hey, they’ve come a long way in a few months.

Love you all!!! ❤

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