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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

It’s a supermodel day!!!

Hot and boring!!!


And it’s going to be hot for a while!!!  Booo!!!

Liz came over tonight and we rehearsed some more.  She’s…  a perfectionist.  Nothing wrong with that, but it does get a little frustrating sometimes.  I think I’m playing it right, and she says “no no… play that note like this, not like this!”.  I have to admit she’s usually right, but it’s still frustrating.  I have to go see her with her violin teacher a little later this week.

Did I mention it’s hot?  Soooo hot.

Like me!!!  hahaha!!!  That’s why I’m not a supermodel!  I’m not boring!!!

Marie wants to spend more time outside…  but it’s too hot!  Even for her!  I take her for a walk in the early morning and late evening, but otherwise, she stays in with the air conditioning.  I think it’s a little boring for her too, but that’s how it is!!!  It’s too hot for playing outside!!!

Emiko’s coming over this weekend and we’re going shopping for our trip in July.  Maybe Allison can come over and play with Aika and Mika!!!  If they’re coming, of course.  David’s not here, so if Allison can’t come over there’s not much to do except go shopping.  But maybe they like shopping!  They’re girls, anyway.

We like shopping.  lol!!!  But chocolate is better.

Love you all!!! ❤

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