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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It’s Wootday!!!

I mean Tuesday.

But Wootday sounds better, don’t you think???

Welll. it does to me, anyway.

I really feel bad for Beth.  She’s just moping around now.  She’s all cried out, but she doesn’t think anyone will ever want her again, and I told her that’s just objectively stupid.  She’s smart and pretty and pretty nice once you get to know her, what’s not to love???  But she’s not listening right now.  I guess I understand.  Girl’s hurt.  I almost want to go find that boy and karate kung-fu tai kwon do MMA him, but that wouldn’t be good for anyone.

Sabby took her for a girl’s day out and she she seemed a little better when she got home, but she’s still really hurt.

I’m about to feed her some more chocolate, brush her hair, and be her teddy bear again,.  She told me last night that she didn’t know what sh’ed do without me, and started crying again.  Awww.

It’s nice having a sister.

I get told that a lot, actually. Liz says that sometimes too.

So…  since it’s quiet, maybe I’ll just talk about some other stuff.  David’s still at camp, and he’s mostly staying out of trouble.  They took him on another pig hunt and he was quiet a bit less successful, but his girlfriend is sticking with him anyway – ummm…  girl is like eleven, and she’s showing quite a bit of loyalty.  I mean, she was actually willing to share him with another girl (stupid, but loyal), and that’s, umm… in some ways pretty mature of her.  It’s kind of cute in its own way.  He seems to be having a better time this year, I guess he knows what to expect, he’s got his girlfriend, and he’s pretty happy going out and hunting pigs and what-not.  They did catch a couple, and well, they’re eating a bunch of pork stuff.  Hey, something to be said for catching your own food, right?  I don’t really like hunting, but I like eating!!!

I mentioned a couple of days ago how Crystal seemed distant.  Turns out she was a little jealous.  She hasn’t always had the best opportunities, and she seems to feel really upset that she lost so much time being homeless.  And here I am, playing concertos with an orchestra.  I talked to Sabby about it, but otherwise, I don’t know what to do.  It just is what it is.  Maybe we can find her something to do at the shop when she’s old enough.

Jack still doesn’t really know what he wants to do, but his family is kind of pushing him now.  His parents aren’t like the “Tiger Mom” you hear about, but they want him to be successful at something, and he’s just been pushing carts at the store and dooting and… seems a little rudderless sometimes.  He’s not very driven.  But if he’s going to be a father to my kids someday he’s going to have to figure something out.  I love the boy, but his parents aren’t wrong.

I asked him what he likes to do.  And after I stopped blushing (dang him!!) I asked him what he likes to do besides that, and he said he really doesn’t know.

Well…  I guess we need to find out, right?  I’ll support him in whatever he wants to do, as long as it’s something.

And finally…  I teased you a few days ago about something cat-girl did…

I’m tired!!! And Beth needs her teddy bear!

Love you all!!! ❤

Hahaha!!! I’ll tell you soon! I promise!

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