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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And I did a post in Japanese yesterday!!!

I think it was good!!!

The problem with writing Japanese is that Google Translate isn’t quite good enough. So if you check your Japanese there, it leads you a little wrong.  And if you then correct it so Google Translate works right, then the Japanese is slightly wrong.  See, Japanese is context dependent.  So you can say the equivalent of “love running” (as I did) and it could mean “my dog loves running” or “I love running” – all depends on what the context is.  Translate isn’t very good at that.  So…  that’s how it is.

But it’s good for checking!!  I think my Japanese was pretty good, and I corrected a few things too!!!

I won’t do that often,, but I’ll do it every now and then.  It’s my diary!  I can write it in Japanese if I want!!!  In fact, maybe someday I’ll write it in both Japanese and English, though that would really increase the time it takes to write, and I’m not made of time!!!


Jack was impressed!  He speaks Chinese, not Japanese, but he was still impressed!  He thinks I’m smart!  Maybe, but not as smart as Liz.  Smart enough, I guess.  I also learned some Spanish in school (Texas, after all) but I don’t remember much of it.  I should learn more, because Maria and Diana speak Spanish!  But again, I’m not made of time.

Speaking of Liz, she came over and we practiced some more.  It’s starting to sound better!!!  Yesterday we went to her teacher and she gave us some pointers for working well together. It was fun! Her teacher is nice!  But a little strict.  Like Liz.  She thinks I’m a pretty good pianist, but a little rough.  I’d agree.  I have the skill, but not the experience.

After we practiced, we had a nice quiet evening, watched a high class movie… oh, who am I kidding.  Diana came over and things went nuts, as usual.  Crystal is off doing stuff with her parents.  They’re making up for lost time with the vacations they didn’t get when they were homeless.  Aww.  Diana made tacos while Liz and I were practicing.  Liz is a bit picky.  She loves Diana’s tacos.  But everyone does!  Maybe we can sell tacos with Sabby’s cookies!!!  There’s an idea…

David comes home in a couple of weeks.  He’s doing well at camp now.  I guess they caught him kissing his girl friend!  Nothing like Jack and me, but they’re ten!  I mean, really!!!  But I guess he got a bit of punishment for that.  Apparently, he said “worth it!”, and did it without complaint.  Hah!  Was just light kissing though.  That’s why Sabby hasn’t hopped in the car to yank him out by his ear, but she did lay into him a bit.  Secretly, she seems a bit pleased, though.  Maybe he’s learning the lessons they sent him there for.

Anyway.  Marie needs walked, hair needs brushed, and piles need made.

Love you all!!! ❤

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