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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And it’s the WEEKEND!!!

There are two holidays!  There’s Juneteenth…  I don’t really understand it, but Sabby says it’s a good thing.  We’re not celebrating it, though.  Sabby thinks it’s a made up holiday, and she doesn’t really much like those.  But she did tell us a little bit about the history… and it centers around Texas!!!

And tomorrow is Father’s Day…  And Sabby says that’s another made up holiday.  But she leaves it up to Dave as to whether he wants to celebrate.  He said…  not really.  I mean, we don’t have to give him tacky ties or anything like that (apparently that’s a thing…  we give mothers flowers and nice things, and fathers tacky ties?) but he would like a nice dinner that he doesn’t have to grill.

We can do that.  Tomorrow we’re going to a nice restaurant.

I kind of feel bad for Diana.  She doesn’t have a father, not really.  I’ll have to have a talk with Beth about that.  I don’t mind being Diana’s big sister, but she’s one of Beth’s BFFs, so… I’m going to wish Bill a happy Father’s day too.  Not because he’s my father, but he…  kinda sorta is, a little bit.  By marriage.  So it’s worth the olive branch, dontcha think?  Family is complicated.

It was hot again today.  And it will be hot again tomorrow, and the next day, and… boo.  I almost miss that tornado.  Almost.

Love you all!!! ❤

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