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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

So yeah.  I went to church.  And it was about as boring as I thought.  The pastor was happy to see me, of course.  And I was polite – they’re how we found Crystal and her family some help, and I wouldn’t know Diana if it weren’t for them…  and that homeless event indirectly led to Beth getting knocked down a couple of pegs… so…  not bad people.

But boring.

Because today was Father’s Day, they had a sermon about fathers.  Meh.  I just put in my headphones, rocked out to Babymetal, and played on my tablet.  Sabby kept giving me dirty looks but I didn’t really care.  I love Sabby, you know that, she knows that, but not enough to sit there and listen to an admittedly nice pastor prattle on about things I don’t understand.

Afterwards, she went on about me embarrassing her.  I just said “It was okay before, you didn’t say anything, and you could always not make me go if I’m that embarrassing to you.”  She started to get Claire Huxtabley, but I really wasn’t in the mood to deal with it.  Dave didn’t exactly  take my side, but he did tell Sabby that she was the one who forced me to go to church, so if she’s embarrassed, it’s her fault.  So she and Dave argued about it instead and I just went and played on my computer.

Result is that I still have to go to church but she has to accept that you can lead me to water but can’t make me drink.  I have to be a little less… obvious… about it though.  No more playing imaginary drums on my thigh.  Yeah, that was a bit much.

… Apparently I’m a horse.  NEEEIGGGGHH.

Oh, I love horses.  I wish I could ride one someday.

Anyway, we went to a steakhouse for dinner, and had the most yummy steaks ever!!!  OMG…  not better than chocolate, but close!!!  Perfectly seasoned… with mashed potatoes and green beans… OMG so yummy!!!  And then for dessert… CHOCOLATE!!!  Remember that chocolate thing that Jack bought me on our first date??  Almost that good!!!

I do feel bad for Diana though.  She was at church too and she looked soooo sad.  I asked Maria about it and she shrugged.  She doesn’t know what to do.  It’s not like she can just flip a switch and find a father for Diana.  I didn’t know what to do either, but I gave Diana a hug.  She said it’s alright, God’s her father.  She took Diana out for a special dinner too.

I don’t understand.  But maybe I don’t have to.

Dave gave her a hug too.  It seemed to mean a lot to her.

David comes back next weekend.  I hear he’s having a great time there now.  I guess nothing like having a girl feeding you… hahaha!!!  I guess they let him loose on another pig and he delivered the goods.  Poor pigs.

Love you all!!! ❤

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