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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Guess what!  Liz is going to Japan with me!!!

I asked Emiko if I could take her, and she said yes, but she had to pay for her own tickets.  Which is fair.  Liz has been to China lots of times but never Japan, and I was thinking that since she and her family took me to Orlando, and maybe I could return the favor.  I asked Liz if she wanted to go, and… I’ve never been actually pounced before.  Girl jumped on me and knocked me onto the bed, then jumped up and danced around!  I’ve never seen anything like it!!!  Since her father flies a lot, he has miles that she can use!!!

Beth is a bit jealous, but I told her that Liz is paying her own way (well, her father is), and she will get her chance soon enough.

Aika and Mika are coming too!!!

Liz and I practiced a bit but she was really distracted, she was thinking about all of the stuff she needs to do.  I told her to calm down, she still has a recital to practice for.  She pouted but “business-Liz” was back soon enough.

I wish I could take Jack, but honestly, I think it’s better that I spend time getting to know my birth family, and I’d spend all of my time with Jack, and that’s not fair to Emiko.  Liz is different, I’m not in love with her!!!

We’re going to Tokyo Narita airport, and we’ll take the train to Saitama!!!  It’ll be fun!!!

After I get back from Japan, Jack and I are making plans to spend a week together (with some adult supervision of course, but not too much) and Sabby’s got her eye on a couple of private schools to tour.  It’s already a busy summer!

Anyway, Marie needs walked.

Love you all!!! ❤

(but not as much as chocolate!!!)

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