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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Your favorite Lily!  Unless you know another Lily.  Then, I hope I’m still your favorite Lily!  But I understand if I’m not.  There are other great Lilies out there.  Lily von Schtupp!  But… she’s tired, so maybe she’s not so great after all.

Haha!  I remember Blazing Saddles!  I didn’t get it, but Lily von Schtupp had my name!!!

Let’s see.  There’s Lily von Schtupp…  hmm.  I can’t think of any other Lilies!  I know there are some.  I looked it up, there are lots!  But not many really famous ones.  So I can still be your favorite Lily!!!

Lily Smith (2005 – ) Blogger and sixteen year old girl


Anyway…  Liz is bouncing around.  I’ve never seen her so excited!!  We went to her lesson tonight and she was absolutely burbling!!!  But we got it done – her recital is in a couple of weeks and we have to prepare.  Probably every night next week.  Aww.  But it’s fun.  I like playing piano.

She wants me to teach her some basic Japanese.  It’s hard!  I mean, she knows a very little from her anime, but I know a lot more.  So I taught her how to say hello, and goodbye, and “go away”.  haha.  Well, a lot ruder way of saying go away.  There’s not much I can teach her in two weeks, but I think I can do something.  And what she’s learned from her anime is… well… a little rude.  After she said “kisama” I told her to never, ever use that word.  haha!!!

David comes home next weekend too!  Not this weekend… next weekend.  He’s having a blast!  I guess a couple of girls started fighting over him.  He tried the “there’s enough of me for both of you”…. and…. it worked.  OMG I just know he’s going to be insufferable when he comes home.  Sigh.  Ten year old girls.  Watching too much twilight.  Grr.

I still haven’t decided what fun thing to do for my one year diary anniversary.  But I’ll do something!!!  And it’ll be fun!!! Not just fun – LILY-fun!!!  Hahah!!!  There’s only one thing for sure:  no maid outfit.  Aww.  but you’ll just have to deal.

Anyway, Marie needs walked.  She’s tired and so am I.

Love you all!!! ❤

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