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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

LILY!!!!!! The Marie Wrangler!!!  Tamer of Beths!  Annoyer of Sabbys!  Lover of Jack!!!  Well… ummm…

So I looked up the Texas code last night, and…. well, it’s not just the owner.  I can’t sell alcohol.  At all.  I guess that’s why he needs to take care of that transaction.  Not that I mind.  Less work for me! But as it turns out, there are no restrictions for how many hours a 16 or 17 year old can work…  as long as we’re not doing any prohibited activities.  Sabby doesn’t want me working more than around 40 hours, though, so that’s that.

But one of those prohibited activities is, I can’t use powered bakery machines.

I can’t help Sabby make cookies in her company.


But actually, I had an idea. A great idea.  I won’t tell you right now because someone might steal the idea and then it won’t be a good idea anymore!!!  But Sabby loved it – though she told me that if we do it, we’re hiring someone.  I kind of agreed.  But no more clues!!!

OMG it’s a good idea!!!

In fact, Dave loved the idea so much that he wants to invest now!!!  He’s going to build Sabby a kitchen in the backyard!!!  OMG!!!  It’ll be up to code and perfect for making lots and lots of cookies!!! And considering what she can do with one small oven…

And he can start whether or not my trust administrator says yes!!!  He has a company, after all!!  And if he wants to eat the cost of materials and labor, well, he can do that!

But if my trust administrator says yes we can ramp up all the quicker!!!

OMG this might be happening!!!

Oh, we heard from David today.  He’s not, well, a happy camper.  The counselors called Sabby and told her he’s… well… not misbehaving, but not cooperating.  They took everyone on a nature hike, and he refused to go.  Just straight up refused.  I mean, Beth levels of refusal.  They said if he doesn’t go then he’s got latrine duty, and he just crossed his arms and said “bring it”.

Well…  what a time to pick to grow a spine.

So the counselor just slung him over her shoulder and dragged him along anyway.

That…  turned out to be a bad idea.

She has a sore back, and he just turned into a lump – you know, like the protesters did back in the 60s?  I mean, who taught him that???

I guess I gotta actually admire the kid.  When they got back, the counselors called Sabby, and she lit into him.  She went all Claire Huxtable on him and said “We spent a lot of money on that camp, the least you can do is pretend to enjoy it.”  I didn’t hear what he said, but Sabby turned red,, and that’s quite an accomplishment for a woman with her complexion.  She then yelled “David Alexander Smith, if I hear one more peep out of the counselors about you not cooperating I will drive up there myself, I will take you over my knee in front of all of your fellow campers, and I will tan your hide.  You don’t have to like it.  I can’t force you to like it.  But you are going to cooperate.  If they want you to go on a hike, you will go on a hike.  If they want you to clean the toilets, you will clean the toilets.  You will do anything they tell you that is not one of the things we discussed earlier.  Do you understand?  Or do I have to come up there and make good on my threat?”

I guess he knew when to pick his battles.

It’s funny, because he backed down.  Beth wouldn’t have.  Beth would have told her to bring it, waited for Sabby to arrive, and dared Sabby to make good on her threat.  I’m… not sure Sabby would.  But… I’m not sure she wouldn’t, either.  They’ve almost come to blows and Dave had to step in.  And that’s probably why David backed down.

Anyway, Liz is over tonight.  Time for bed.

Love you all!!! ❤

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