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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

I had my concert!!! I’m SO WIRED!!!!

So yesterday was the dress rehearsal.  We went to the auditorium, and it was a lot bigger than I thought!  It could hold easily a thousand people!!! But it was just me and the conductor, the orchestra, and a few people that were hanging around, like Sabby.  I went out and heard some sparse clapping – and I had to be careful because I’m still not used to heels.  Aww.  But I made it to the piano alright and we played through.

It’s such an interesting thing.  When I’m playing with someone or an orchestra, I just lose all track of time.  It’s just me and the music.  The piece lasts like half an hour, but it felt like five minutes.  After I was done, I stood up and bowed to the maybe five people clapping… and Sabby was crying.


So after I was done, I went down and asked her why she was crying.

She just said it was beautiful and she was so proud of me.

Aww.  I started crying too.

Anyway, after our cry fest, I had to talk to the conductor for some last minute notes – you know, speed up here, slow down there, watch me, that kind of thing.  And then I went home.  I was pretty beat, so I just went to bed.

Well, today I woke up, and I was really, really nervous.  Sabby took me to the spa to get my hair done, and that relaxed me a little.  I don’t know why but when people play with or mess with my hair I just turn into a little puddle, and it was really nice.  So after all that, I went home, had a light lunch, and got dressed.  I really didn’t feel like eating much.

I even put on perfume.  I almost never put on perfume.  I mean, body washes and deodorants and stuff, yes, but not perfume.  But I have this really nice one Jack got me on a whim once, so I wore that.

So we all piled into the car and we went to the auditorium.  I got them free tickets (one of the perks of being a performer) and then went backstage.

I was soooooo nervous.

Jack showed up and I met him at the backstage door, and he gave me a big hug and told me I’d do great.  That meant a lot.

Finally I heard the orchestra warming up with that rather distinctive A, and then I walked out.  And…  wow.  The place was full.  I have no idea where they found all those people, but I think half of them for me!  Even the owner was there!!!  Everyone from the shop, my family… even Emiko showed up!  Dang it, even Robert and Rebecca flew down!  I wasn’t expecting that!!!  I think a large fraction of the church was there too!!!  Everyone clapped and hooted!!!


So I sat down…  and I was actually shaking a little.  The slit in my dress was facing the audience too, and… aww.  A mite bit embarrassing, but at least I shaved!! Hahaha!!!

Anyway, the orchestra hit that E, I started with the opening chords, and forgot all about the audience.  It was, again, like it took five minutes.  I got through the first movement, the cadenza, and the coda (kind of a beast), the second movement was a bit of a technical respite but those are more challenging musically, and then the third movement, which is a lot of arpeggios and running scales, especially at the end.  I flubbed it once or twice but nothing really noticeable and it went really well!!!  I hit the last chord and the audience erupted!!!

I was so wired I could barely think straight!  I remembered to stand up and bow, and the conductor waved the orchestra to stand up, and…  I’ve never experienced anything like that, and I want more.

They started yelling for an encore!  Oh crap, I hadn’t thought of that!!!

But I came back out and played a quick Chopin prelude, which seemed to feed the beast.

I went backstage to change out of my gown and into some nice but far more practical clothes, and after I came out and got mobbed.  Everyone wanted to shake my hand and give me hugs and kiss me on the cheek and tell me how much they loved it, it was all a blur, actually.  After about fifty people I was just saying “thank you, thank you,” on autopilot.  It was so overwhelming.  Even people I didn’t know!  one person I didn’t know gave me a big hug and said they were proud of me!  Which was a little weird but there are a lot of people I don’t know, I guess.  Finally after everyone had their fill of shaking and hugging and kissing (Jack was the only one who got the lips, haha!) I packed into the car with the family and we went to get chocolate pancakes!!!

It was just the family and Emiko and family and Robert and family because we couldn’t fit everyone into the restaurant, but everyone else understood.  Crystal and Diana said we’d chat later. Allison seemed to have a good time but was ready for bed.  Liz tagged along though.  I mean, she’s my best friend, right?

I think the biggest surprise, though, was Beth.  She actually looked awed.  I was expecting her to be jealous, but…  she wasn’t.  She just said it was amazing and that maybe someday she can sing in front of such a large crowd.

Anyway, Robert and Rebecca are staying over tonight and we’re all going to the waterpark tomorrow!!!

OMG!!! I haven’t been to the waterpark in sooooo long!!!!  I love the waterpark!!! Did I tell you that?  I’m sooo wired!  I don’t think I’ll sleep much tonight!  That was amazing!!!  I want to do that again!!!  Maybe someday I’ll do Rachmaninoff’s third concerto!!! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

It would.  It’s also well past my skill level right now.  Well past my skill level.  But, maybe Grieg???  We’ll see if they want me to come back next year.

OMG what a day!  What a wonderful, amazing day!!!!  But I think the best thing was how everyone was proud of me!!!

Love you all!!!! ❤

… u,mmm…  someone just knocked on the door.  It was a soldier, with a note.  They always look a little uncomfortable to be doing courier duty, but I didn’t ask them to!!!



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