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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And today was soooo much fun!!!

Well, first the boring stuff.  We went to church, you know, the usual, and people were still congratulating me on my performance!  I know I said half the church was there, but it was actually true.  It turns out that I about half filled the auditorium!!! (And the orchestra probably filled the other half).  They got a video of it that they’re going to put on YouTube, and apparently there was a newspaper article too someone handed me.  The reviewer said that while I was young and my musicality is not mature, that it was an enjoyable performance and I have a bright future ahead of me!!!

Thankfully, the pastor didn’t embarrass me.  He did do a sermon on “making a joyful noise”, and I wonder if he was picking on me.  Aw heck, he probably was.

And then we all went to the waterpark!!!  My family (minus David, who, by some miracle, is still at camp), Liz, Crystal, Diana, Allison, Jack and Grace, and Robert and Rebecca too!  They hadn’t really planned to, so she didn’t bring her swimsuit, but thankfully she’s about Beth’s size, so she borrowed one of Beth’s.  Thankfully also because it covers a lot more than one she would have brought.  Anyway, I missed the waterpark!  We had all sorts of fun, splashing and racing and they even have zip lines!!!  Rebecca has some lungs on her!!!

Rebecca can’t spend more than a weekend in Texas, she left tonight, but she remarked how humid and flat it is, but thought the people were nice.  I guess she’s right!  She’ll come back at some point.  I guess Yu’s a little jealous.  Britni doesn’t know where Texas is…

So… next, I guess I need to work with Liz now for her recital (she gets all the attention in that one!), and when david gets back from camp it’s time to get ready to go to Japan!!!  Yayyy!!!!  Oh, and Katie’s in her third trimester, so she’s due in a couple of months.  She’s doing fine.  Dooting as usual, she comes over for dinner every now and then, and she’s really showing now!!!

Okay.. I’m exhausted.  I’m glad school’s over – I might sleep in tomorrow!

I haven’t forgotten about the bombshell I got last night.  I haven’t really thought about it much. I’ll probably talk about that when things are a bit less hectic.  Plus it was kind of a shock…

Love you all!!! ❤️

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