Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I heard from Haruna today.  She’s doing alright.  She decided she wants to actually go to school.  Good for her, no, seriously.  So now she’s attending a cram school so she can pass the entrance exams.  She doesn’t know which college she wants to go to yet, but she didn’t get a great education because she was spending all her time singing and dancing, so she has a lot to catch up on.

But she seems happy, and that’s the important thing.

I saw that Suzuka did a commercial, she sent it to me.  It’s funny!  Basically her in a very skimpy swimsuit looking longingly at a popsicle.  Umm…  well, I guess that’s Japan for you.  And, to be fair, it did look like a delicious popsicle.

Japan loves sweet treats and swimsuits.

It’s funnier because I know Suzuka.  That’s, kind of…. not really who she is.  She’s a pretty modest girl when you get to know her.  But I guess if you’re a gravure model you have to throw that modesty to the side, trim some hair where you wouldn’t normally trim, and get to getting.

I haven’t given an update on the friends I don’t usually talk about, so…

Let’s see.  We’ll start with the aidols.  They all graduated, and they’re heading to college now.  Ai got into a pretty good one, but a couple of the other aidols didn’t.  So they got into their second choice school.  They’re a little bummed that they’re not going to college together, but they’re happy they at least got in, so there’s that.

Miki and group are steadily learning all the stuff that they want to learn.  Miki can play guitar decently now, a couple of the idols can play drums, and… one of them took up piano.  I mean, she seriously took up piano.  She can’t play anything really complex yet, but she’s not bad.  Except for the pianist (that’s a hard instrument and she’s focusing entirely on that), they’re all learning more than one instrument.  I think Miki said they’re learning one rock instrument and one band instrument.  Miki’s also learning clarinet.  She says it’s fun and makes her a good kisser.

… I don’t want to know.  haha!!!

I’m pretty sure that was a hypothetical statement.  Pretty sure.   At least it’d better be. She’s an idol for Kami’s sake.

Let’s see… Rebecca and friends.  Rebecca actually is getting into animal husbandry.  She loves the horses.  Her friend is letting her take care of the horses in exchange for learning how to ride, and she’s having a blast.  I never thought Rebecca would adapt so well to Texas life, but she’s coming into her own now.  She’s going to attend Texas State in Dallas.  I think she wants to be a veterinarian.

I think it was a good move for her.

And Rebecca’s old friends – well, the three of them are heading off to college now.  Yu is heading off to Stanford last I heard, Britni, well…  she got into Oxford (which is no surprise at all, girl’s a genius), and Chelsi, well, she’s sticking around in SoCal so she can surf a lot.  I guess she’s going to USC or something like that.  Not an awful choice, really.  Not where I’d want to go but I completely understand.

Emiko and family are doing their thing.  Aika and Mika are young women now, and they’re getting into a bit of trouble with boys.  Thankfully it’s young woman kinds of trouble and not older teenager kinds of trouble.  I guess they caught Aika kissing a boy.  Oops!!!  Emiko got so mad she’s talking about shipping her back to Japan to stay with Ai.  I doubt she will, but that boy is persona non grata now.  I guess I get it, girl’s like 12 or so, that’s way too young.  Mika’s not as interested, not only is she younger, but she’s a little more studious,. and I guess boys get in the way.

And I forgot to mention, with all the hubbub about the accident…  David’s at his camp now.  I hope he’s staying out of trouble.

Let’s see…  I have so many friends… I probably forgot one or two.  Aww. Oh yeah, Allison.  I haven’t heard from her lately, I guess she’s really busy with all her new friends.  Hope she’s alright.

Anyway, I should go to bed now.  The storms are mostly gone… now it’s just HOT.  I hope I can run again soon.

Love you all!!! ❤️