This diary entry is part 5 of 29 in Lily's diary dated 12 - June 2022

Hi! It’s me! Liz!!!

I know, I know.  I’m not Lily.  Lily’s my favorite too.  She’s pretty, and smart, and.. .what was that other thing, Lily?  Haha!

Lily offered me to guest post today, and how could I refuse?  So here I am!

I don’t really read Lily’s diary much, if I’m being honest about it.  I know she writes in it every day, and I did read it when we were in Florida and she was making out with my cousin.  I mean, really!  My cousin!  But, I guess, I have to admit that other girls might think he’s kinda hot.  Not me!  I’m his cousin!  We don’t do that kind of thing!  And he is a pretty nice guy.  I remember when I was little, when we all lived in Dallas, he would come over all the time, and we’d play games.  And now he has a little sister.  She was such a surprise when she came!  Jack didn’t know how to deal with her, he was like 12 at the time, but I guess he grew into it.  Lily seems to love her, and she seems to love Lily.  I’t’s the weirdest thing, she just took right to Lily.  Started calling her “Auntie Lily” and acting like she was another big sister.

But Lily has that effect on people.  It’s the weirdest thing.  She’s a girl who you can meet on an off chance and feel like you’ve known her for a hundred years.  I don’t know anyone who hates her.  I mean, I’m sure there’s someone, but they don’t know her.  I met her on a zoom call for school, and…  she just seemed so lost, but confident at the same time.  I both felt sorry for her and wanted to be around her at the same time.  And we became best friends!  I mean, I didn’t have many friends before, but she’s just… Lily.  Sweet, beautiful, wonderful, mostly innocent Lily.  And I love her.

And then that time when Lily found out that I wasn’t happy, and told Sabby, and they went over and gave my parents what-for!  I’ll always be grateful for that!  My parents aren’t perfect, but they are at least good enough to know when they messed up.  It’s just too bad it took that for them to figure it out.  But they’re making it right.  I love my parents, I really do.  They’re not bad people.  They’re just…  sometimes not good people either.

I hope Lily and I are friends for the rest of our lives.  But… life has a way of screwing us sometimes, doesn’t it?  I’ll go to college, and she’ll go to college, or be running that company she and Sabby are talking about, and then we won’t talk for years, and I’ll start a family, and she’ll start a family…  and then twenty years later we’ll meet for coffee and… maybe it’ll be like we never left each other and…  maybe it won’t.

Lily’s going to Japan soon.  I hope she has a good time.  I’m a bit jealous, but I’ve been to China a few times to see my grandparents.  It’s a bit harder now, because of all the political stuff, but I’m Chinese and will always be Chinese, even though I’m American too.  But is Lily Japanese?  I don’t know. I don’t think she does either.  I can’t say I know a lot about Japan, but…  OMG I love Jpop and Jmetal and anime and whatever!  Lily seems to like the language and culture more, but I just like the kawaii stuff!  Squeee!!!!  I have to admit she really rocks that maid uniform, though.  Too bad Jack doesn’t like it.  Maybe someday I’ll meet Yamashita Tomohisa but then I’d just fangirl all over him!

Anyway, Lily always says “love you all” but that’s because that’s just who she is.  I’m not.  She says I’m not cuddly most of the time, but she’s wrong.  I’m just… careful.  Lily’s heart is like this huge expanse of water, there’s enough for everyone and more to spare.  I don’t think it even crosses her mind that people might not love each other.  I mean, she understands it, but she doesn’t understand it.  Mine is..  a fragile flower, I think.  It is so nice when she cuddles with me.  I can feel how much she loves me…  and…  Lily’s beautiful and I love her.

Someday, though… I’ll find a boy that doesn’t hurt me, and I’ll love him a different way.  And I hope Lily is at my wedding and I hope she’s always there and I love her so much.

There.  I said what I wanted.  Bye!

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