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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Did you like Liz’s guest post last night?  She’s so nice!  And I love her too.

And it’s sooo hot outside!!!

Today it went over 100 degrees, and it’s supposed to do that for the next few days, anyway.  I go to work in the morning and it’s already 80!  Booo!  But at least work is air conditioned.

Oh did I mentioned I talked to my Japanese grandparents?  Obaasan and Ojiisan!!!  Well, they wanted me to call them that.  They don’t speak a lot of English, but with their English and my Japanese we made it work, and Emiko translated the stuff that we couldn’t communicate.  They didn’t know about me either, and there was a little bit of tension between Emiko and her parents (I guess she was kind of a wild child, at least by Japanese standards) but they were happy to meet me anyway.  When I go to Japan, they want me and Emiko to stay with them.  I don’t know if we’re taking Aika and Mika, but Bill’s staying home.  He’s met them already, and he has work too.

Sabby called the camp to see how David’s doing…  well…  he’s calmed down.  See, there’s this girl.  Not kidding, actually.  It’s just one of those ten year old crushes but he’s following her around like a lost puppy, and is toeing the line to impress her.  I’m not sure if she’s impressed, but the counselors say they’re thick as thieves right now, so maybe that’s the ticket?  As long as he can keep from pulling her hair.

Anyway more work today, and I’m tired.  And Marie needs walked, while it’s cooling down a bit.

Love you all!!! ❤

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