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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

So Liz and I need to start practicing for her recital – thankfully it’s before I leave for Japan.  Tonight she brought her violin over and we went over the music.  It’s not too hard but she’s a bit of a perfectionist – she wants it exactly so.  But it’s kind of a back and forth, so it’ll be interesting to see how this shakes out.  It’s a pretty piece and she’s a good violinist, though, so it’ll work out.  I’ll need to go to a couple of lessons with her so I can work with her with her teacher.

Liz is like a different person when she’s doing something like studying… she’s very driven and single minded.  Very businesslike.  Friend before, friend after, coworker during.  But I guess that’s good – maybe I can learn something from her.

She tells me I need a different outfit, though.  My gown is fine when I’m the center of attention, but as an accompanist, I’m not the center of attention, so she wants me to wear something a little more understated.  We went upstairs and she raided my closet, and then suggested a nice long skirt and sleeveless top combo.  She says if I do up my hair I’ll look just fine.  I guess I can see where she’s coming from.  I told her such, but I said it’s a partnership between the two of us.  If the spotlight is on her, that’s fine, it’s her recital, but I’m not going to shrink into the shadows like hired help.  I don’t think she quite understood, but she accepted.

I don’t think we’re going to conflict much, but it’s a very different dynamic and it’ll take some getting used to – actually working with her rather than just being her best friend.  I made her promise to take me out for chocolate after.  Not a Wendys chocolate frosty, but some of the good stuff.  That’s my payment.  She readily agreed.  She’s actually a little intimidating with how competent and single minded she is.

So David is settling into camp life, I guess his lady friend is kind of calming him down a bit.  I guess the food is pretty good, he met some boys (and girls) that are almost as into gaming as he is, and he’s learning a few life skills, like starting fires with sticks and rope.  Turns out they’re having a bit of a hog problem, so they’re taking them hunting for hogs – if they catch one, they’ll eat pork dishes for a week.  Guess that doesn’t happen every year, but the hogs are there, so may as well teach the kids how to hunt.

Dave is fine with that.  Dave’s not a big hunter, but he’s been known to spend some time in the outdoors, and if it’s a bonding experience with David, well, he’ll learn too.  they did have that fishing trip last year, and David proved to be really good at catching fish – we were eating fish for weeks.

Beth is not so fine with that, but Dave sat her down and told her the facts of life about hunting, and hunting hogs in particular.  I guess they’re a huge problem in Texas.  She still doesn’t like it, but wisely picked her battles on this one.  Hey, she’s learning.

Oh, speaking of learning, she’s fifteen now.  She can’t get a license, but she can start to learn to drive.  Dave’s going to take her to a parking lot this weekend and teach her the basics.  She can’t wait!!!  I haven’t been driving everywhere, but I’ve been getting in lots of practice, and I’ll get my real license in August!  I can’t wait!!!

Anyway, time for bed.  It’s quiet here without David.  I kinda miss the little guy.  But don’t tell him I said that!

Love you all!!! ❤

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