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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

So today Liz and I practiced her song,  We spent some time practicing, then we went to her teacher and did a lesson there.  It’s cool seeing how she studies, it’s a little bit different from me, but she’s still pretty good.  The teacher said she saw my performance and thought I did pretty well.

Her recital is in a couple of weeks or so, but that should be plenty of time, we both know what we’re doing.

It’s funny – when Liz and I became friends, I didn’t even know I could play, and now we’re playing together like we did for most of our lives!

Anyway, after her lesson, we wandered around the mall for a little while and just chatted.  Liz and I haven’t spent enough time together lately.  I’ve been so busy with my concert, and the business, and school, and all the other things.  It’s nice to just spend a little time with her for once.

She’s doing pretty well with her boyfriend, I guess he’s treating her pretty well.  They have minor arguments every now and then but he isn’t mean about it, and they seem to work it out eventually.  She isn’t as…  close to him as I am to Jack, but they do a lot of kissing and light touching, and she seems pretty happy with that.  I told her it’s probably better that way.  She sighed and said she wonders what it’s like sometimes, but…  she saw how distressed I was and maybe it’s better.  He hasn’t pressured her at all, unlike her last one, so that’s a bonus.  I don’t want to have to piledrive him.  Or whatever the martial arts equivalent is.

I think he’s good for her.  She seems happy.

It did storm a little this afternoon, and that was nice.  It’s starting to get hot, so we need the rain.  You know how it is in central Texas this time of year.

Oh I need to tell you what cat-girl did but maybe some other time.  That girl…

Okay…  I guess it’s bedtime.

Love you all!!! ❤

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