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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

I’m in COLUMBUS!!!!!

Haha did you really think I’d be that excited just to go on spring break??? No!!!  I mean spring break is nice, but Jack’s parents and I have been in touch now for a month!!!  They sent me tickets and everything!!!  But I couldn’t say anything because Jack reads this!!!  So I kept it all quiet!!!

I can keep a secret!!!  Well… mostly.  I let a couple things slip.

So I left on a flight at 9 AM and arrived in Columbus around noon, and Jack’s parents picked me up.  They took me to lunch, and we chatted for a while, then I came to their house.  The look on Jack’s face when I stepped through the door… He ran over to me, grabbed me like his life depended on it… and sorry, Jack, but I have to tell… he started crying like a little girl!  He missed me!!!  It was sooo sweet!!! I started crying too!!!

After a few minutes of crying and kissing and hugging, his parents cleared their throats.  I never let go of his hand, even when we sat on the couch to receive the obligatory talk!!!

I get the guest room while I’m here!!!  And of course there are rules.  But they’re a little less strict than Dave, so…  we get to cuddle!!!  Just…  well, Jack knows my limits, and those are the same limits that Jack’s parents insist on, so…  I think we’ll be okay.

We went out to dinner a little while ago!!!  Jack couldn’t take his eyes off me!! Soooo sweet!!!

We’re going to watch a movie now!!!  And tomorrow we’re going to do something fun!!!  I don’t know what yet!!!

Love you all!!! Especially Jack!!!

And there might be some subscriber content here soon!!!


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