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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!!!

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So I was sooo happy to see Jack I forgot about everything else that happened!!!

So first interesting thing is:  IT SNOWED!!!  Two inches!!!  I’ve seen snow before, of course, but never in its natural habitat.  People here drive like it’s nothing, I guess it has to be six inches before they’ll even close the schools!!!  Wow!!!  It’s soooo pretty, though, especially at night time.

And Grace is here!!!  Well, of course she is, because she’s Jack’s sister, but I was happy to see her!!  And she was happy to see me, too!! “Auntie Lily!”, she said, and ran up and hugged me!!! She’s sooo sweet!!!

This morning they made a nice breakfast!!!  It was light, but filling!  And then we all piled in the car to see Columbus!!!  There was still some snow on the ground and some snow showers so we couldn’t do much outdoors, so we went to one of those arcade places, like the one on 183 back home!!!  Like the one Jack and I had our first real date at!!!  We were like little kids, running around, playing all the games!!!  Grace tagged along too, because why not?  Jack and I would have plenty of time to ourselves later, and I love Grace!!!

So after that, we came home, and Grace wanted to play Legos.  You know what?  If Grace wants to play Legos, then Grace gets to play Legos.  We built the tallest, most impractical tower out of different color bricks possible!!  But Grace loved it!!!  I… I wish I remembered being her age.  It seems like such good memories.

I’m just… soo happy to be here.  With Jack.  I know they can’t do fun stuff every day, but that’s okay.  I have Jack for a week.  I don’t know how it could get better.

Love you all!!!  ❤

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