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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And it’s rainy here today!!!

Something called an “atmospheric river” – all the water just takes aim right at us and sploosh!!!  We get wet!!!  Awww!!!  And we had a pretty eventful couple of days,  Rebecca went back to school today, everyone else had to work, so it was pretty quiet.  I exercised in the morning, they really do have a nice exercise room, and otherwise just played on my tablet and took a nap.

I’m not a huge one for taking naps, but daylight savings did happen, and, well.

For a while I just sat out on the patio and watched the rain fall, it was surprisingly peaceful.  The pacific air really does smell nice.  Would I want to live here?  No.  Not even a little.  But I can see why they like the weather here.  At least… this time of year, I guess.

Rebecca came home, and brought a few of her friends!  She wanted them to meet me!  I guess they’d never met someone from Texas, and who’d also been to Japan, and the Oscars, and, well, I got a lot of questions!  She has an asian friend, but she’s about as Californian as they come – I’m not sure she even knows what part of Asia she comes from!  She’s really pretty, though.

We ordered pizza and they wanted to know everything.  They weren’t rude about it, or anything, they just had heard a lot about me.  They told me about the boys they were interested in.  Chelsi seems to really like surfing, she’s tall and blonde and likes to go down to Malibu and catch waves.  Britni, well…  she’s really sweet.  Said “I don’t know what that means” a lot, but adorable.  Seems her greatest goal in life is to marry a cute guy, have two and a half children, and never work a day in her life.  And, well, she’s well on her way.  Kari is wicked smart, kind of like Beth, but definitely a California girl – she wants to go to Stanford and be a CEO someday.  And Yu, well, she’s the asian girl, she has a bit of a chip on her shoulder about that so she really wanted to meet me.  They’re all pretty nice, but they kinda like to gossip and there were a lot of “Oh my God”s and “Really?” and “That’s so hot!”

They’re all different but you can tell they’re really good friends, that’s cool.  Or should I say hot.  Haha.  They’re staying over tonight, they’ll all go to school tomorrow.  They said they wished I could come see their school but… I don’t think that’s possible.  Robert overheard that and said he’d see what he could do, though.

They don’t do girl-piles though.  That must just be a lily thing.  But Rebecca has a big indoor tent with lots of blankets and pillows and sleeping bags, so that could be fun.  And no, silly-billies, no pillow fights.

I don’t think.

Well, actually…  I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.

Anyway, gotta go.  They want to play truth or dare.  And considering how probing their questions were before, well, pray for me.

Love you all!!! ❤

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