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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Well, the pillow fight happened.  Chelsi and I ended up whaling on each other while everyone else just sat there panting and watched the fight.  It was a fight of legends!  Me, who runs every day and works out, vs. a surfer girl!

It ended up being a tie.  Plus one of the pillows burst and there were feathers everywhere.

And we did play truth or dare.  Some of the questions were embarrassing!  And some of the dares even moreso!!!  They dared me to walk to the kitchen and get hot chocolate in one of Rebecca’s swimsuits!

It’s like a permanent wedgie!

Anyway, I went to the kitchen, because while it was a little embarrassing, it was pretty harmless.  Except it didn’t fit quiiiite right.  And remember how I said it didn’t cover anything more than it was supposed to?  Well, that was on Rebecca.  On me, if we’re being honest… well, some stuff showed that really shouldn’t have.

And her mother was in the kitchen.

She took one look at me, who was beet red and trying to cover up, and just said “truth or dare?”

“Truth or dare”, I nodded.

“Come with me.”

So we went back to the room, and she told me to change back into my pajamas, and I could hear her ripping Rebecca a new one.  I didn’t catch it all, but something like “expensive swimsuit and she stretched it” and “it fits you, not her, and you damn well knew that”, and “she’s a guest in this house and who do you think you are embarrassing her like that?”

…  quite honestly, that’s pretty much exactly what Sabby would have said.  And I am a little thicker and taller than Rebecca.  And, well, it didn’t fit.  I don’t even know why I went along with it.  Well, I guess I kinda do.  It’s truth or dare!

… come to think of it, nothing good has ever come from truth or dare when I’m playing it.  Remember Crystal?

Anyway, the game ended.  Her mother told us to go to bed, especially after noticing the feathers everywhere.  Shook her head on the way out muttering something about “wish I’d had a boy, damn it”.

So, anyway, this morning Robert was able to get me a tour of the high school!!!  I think he might have told a “white lie” to do it, but oh well.  I think he told them I was a prospective student.


I’m not.

But anyway, they gave me a tour, and it really is a nice high school.  Lots of clubs and specialized rooms, and because the weather in LA is usually so good, they had a lot of outdoor space.  In Texas, I guess they could do that, but they usually don’t because it gets so hot so fast.

After that, Robert went back to work, and I took an Uber to the Galleria.  I mean, you can’t go to LA without going to a mall, right?  I picked up a few things but not a lot because it all has to go back with me on the plane!  Aww!!!

After everyone got home, we went to the Santa Monica pier!

Rush hour is AWFUL!!!  OMG so many cars!  Car upon car upon car!!!  But we got their eventually, and it was fun.  You walk out on the pier, and at the very end, the ocean breeze is pretty strong, and there are people crabbing!!!  I mean actually catching crabs out of the ocean!!!  I guess they’ll eat good!  It was pretty cloudy, but the clouds broke a bit, and we got to see the sun set.  Aww.  That was really pretty.

LA is really pretty.

I leave tomorrow.

I’ll be glad to go back home.  I miss Dave and Sabby and Texas and my not-fancy home that doesn’t have a pool or exercise room or game room.  But it has my family.  I guess… in some ways this is family too.  I mean, Robert is my birth father, Rebecca is my half sister, and, well, I guess his wife is along for the ride.  But they’re not the ones who adopted me when I needed them and loved me even from the beginning.

I will miss Rebecca, though.  I invited her to Texas, and I think she wants to come.  I think she’ll like it, though it will be a bit of a culture shock, I suppose.  But that’s how people grow, right?

Love you all!!! ❤

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