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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I didn’t write last night!  We had such a busy day!!!  Beth and I had a spa day!!!  We got cucumbers and massages and peels and all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff!!! I sent Jack a picture of me with a mask and he just said “Ewwww!”  But I told him he’d like the results.  He said I’m already beautiful enough!  Aww!!!  But I told him I would be even more beautiful!!!

He said he didn’t think that was possible!!!

Hahaha!!!  Good boyfriend!!!

So anyway, after doing that and some shopping, we got home late, and we were tired, so I just walked Marie and went to bed.

This morning, all of us except for Beth and Sabby went to the place we rented and set up!!!  There were goodies, and a stage, and we even set up a little red carpet!  Sabby was taking beth to get her hair done, and when that was all done, they put on their gowns and went to our space!!!

We even hired paparazzi!!!  They were on each side of the carpet taking pictures, and when she pulled up (in a limo!) she came out and they immediately started taking pictures of her!!!

The funny thing is – we didn’t tell her!  So she was surprised!!!  Hahaha!!!

All the men were wearing tuxes, and all the women gowns!!!  Even David and Allison!!!  Some couldn’t afford anything really fancy, but they wore their best anyway!!!  EVERYONE was there because we needed a lot of people for the ambience, and they love Beth, too!  Even Emiko and her family!  Even some people from church!

So Beth came in, and we all sat down, and the prerecorded music came up.  I had gotten some clips from one of those services where celebrities can give little 30 second blurbs!!!  So she got a greeting from Elon Musk1!  From Steve Wozniak!  From Neil DeGrasse Tyson!  From lots of people she liked and respected!  And then after all that, Sabby and I got up and presented her with an award!!!  It was the “Most Likely to have a Sixteenth Birthday and be Loved by Everyone” award!

Everyone started clapping, and we had easily 50 people there!!!

So she comes up, blushing, and accepted the award, which was a nice piece of glass shaped like a number 16.  But we told her to turn it over.

She did, started jumping up and down and squealing, and ran out of the building, jumping all the way!!!!

There were car keys!!!

We got her a car!!!

It wasn’t a new one, but, it was kind of like mine.  Reasonably nice and pretty reliable, if a little older.  But she didn’t care!  She got a car!!!  We had put a huge bow on it, and by the time we caught up with her, she was already outside and inside the car just squealing and… and crying!!!

She hopped out and hugged all of us, sniffling.  “you really love me,” she said.

“Of course we do,” I said,  “Let’s go inside and have some snacks.”

So, we did.  And the afterparty was great!!!  We had hors d’ouevres, and lots of chocolatey stuff (I wouldn’t have had it any other way), and fancy non-alcoholic drinks – baker really outdid herself!  The whole thing was expensive so we couldn’t afford a full catered dinner, but everyone was happy.  My tech friend even volunteered to be a DJ and everyone danced!!!

David and Allison even danced!  It was cute!  Grace was just kind of wibbling around, not caring about anything.  And Jack and I, well, we danced a lot too.  He told me that I really was even more beautiful.  Suddenly it was really hot in that room!

We even invited her boy interest, and he asked her out on a date!!!  She said yes, and gave him a big hug!!!

When we came home, Beth hugged all of us.  She said “I don’t know how I’ll ever top this in my whole life!”

I said “Well, let’s see how your date goes.”

Sabby smacked me and Beth blushed prettily.  “No grandkids yet,” she said, sternly.

Beth blushed harder.  I’ll have to have a little more, er, practical talk with her at some point.  You know, about things Sabby won’t.

She doesn’t have her license yet, but neither did I.  I mean, she just turned 16 today.  She’s got a few more months to go before she hits the six month requirement with her permit.  Still… at least now she has her own car to crash.


We sent pictures to the group chat and Rebecca and her friends thought it was a great idea!  Unfortunately, Robert maybe not so much, because I have a feeling Rebecca’s going to try to top that next birthday!  Well, Robert’s okay, but he deserves it a little!!!


Love you all!!! And especially Beth!!! ❤

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  1. This is a work of serial fiction, and no mentioned celebrities had anything to do with this post, and their names are used without permission.