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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I went out with Jack last night and, umm… stayed out a bit late.  So I didn’t post much.  It’s alright, yesterday was kinda boring anyway.  I made up my mind not to do anything particularly productive, and the girls seemed to be very much on board with that idea.  So we went to the park and chased each other and the dog around, and then went to the convenience store and got slushies… you know…  all the stuff that we all keep forgetting to do because we’re so busy.

I… miss being younger sometimes.

You remember when I first started this diary?  One of the first things Liz and I did was go to a museum.  We haven’t gone somewhere like that in a long time.  Now she’s busy with lessons and prep tests and trying to get into her preferred college, and I’m kinda busy with the same, but tack on to that practicing and other stuff.  I kinda miss those days.  I didn’t have to worry about anything, it was just me and my friends, and now…  now there’s more friends and more sisters but more to do, too…  I miss those days.

And I’m only eighteen.  How will I feel when I’m fifty?  Will I look back on these days and think about how great they are?  Maybe I will.  Sometimes I catch Sabby looking wistful when she looks at us.

Maybe we should take her on a girls’ day our before we all go our separate ways.  Make her feel young again…

Today Crystal showed us some more of what she’s doing… and… wow.  She’s starting to figure out how to use some of that sequencer software…   I’m still the better musician and probably will be for a long time, but she… she can run rings around me when composing.  She whipped up a backing track for one of the songs she wrote, and it’s really, really good.  I mean, I could easily see Miki’s group singing to it.  In fact,  I called Yuki over and had her listen too.  Yuki…  well, she wants to perform it.  Not sure exactly where or how, but it’s that good.

Composing and performing are two entirely different things, y’know?

And she just started too…

Oh…  I went to church today, and did my thing up at the pulpit, and this time I had a message.  I can’t remember everything I said, but it was something about forgiveness being about understanding that you can’t change the past.  That guy’s (soon to be ex) wife was there… and she was sniffling through it.  I guess someone needed to hear it.

And then I told a bad joke to lighten the mood.

Yuki is starting to talk about going back to Japan for the summer.  I think she’s starting to come to terms with her time as an idol, and I think she misses home.  I guess I understand that.  I’ll miss her, but I’m sure we’ll meet again.  I mean, I’m going to Japan, too.  Hopefully.  Minami is staying with her parents right now, so maybe they’ll spend a little time bonding.

They’re starting to hype up Miki’s group’s new single now.  They’re performing it on morning programs (with someone else standing in for my role, aww) and it’s going over really well.  I caught a couple of the interviews, and they asked who I was.  They said I’m a friend of the group who came to Japan to help them film a video because it was based off my experiences, and now I’m everyone’s big (or little) sister too.

Awww.  I just seem to collect sisters.

Anyway…  another week and more practicing.  I hope I hear from the conductor so Yuki has some direction.

From the creator

I seem to have created a story where I can inject the occasional philosophical or theological observation in the literal voice of God.  That was not deliberate.  But it’s interesting.

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