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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And I’m still a bit annoyed with Sabby!!!

But…  I guess I understand.

I asked her about it.  Well, more accurately, I told her to sit down and spill.  She got that “don’t talk to me that way” look on her face, but I wasn’t going to back down on this one.  That’s important.

Finally she sighed and told me the story.

Yes, she was a rocker chick.  A drummer rocker chick.

Apparently that was one of the things that fueled her, well, lifestyle, when she was young.  She picked up the drums for much the same reason that Crystal picked up the guitar – insecurity, popularity, well, you know.  And it did make her popular.

But when she met Dave, she gave it up.  She gave up the lifestyle and if she kept drumming it would be a lot harder to leave it.  And then she just kind of… became ashamed of it.  She hasn’t told many people up until now.

And then she, well, turned the tables on me.  She read last night’s blog post, and told me I was being stupid for thinking they don’t need me anymore.  She said that the reason you need someone, I mean really need someone, isn’t because of what they can do for you, but it’s because you need them.

I guess she’s right.

It’s still difficult.

Anyway, in other news, Joe popped the question to Anathema.  Can you believe it?  He’s being really careful, though.  It’s not that he doesn’t trust her, it’s more that she has done a lot in her life that makes it difficult to trust her, but they’ve been talking about that at length lately.  And, well, I guess she convinced him, because he gave her a ring and everything.  But he said if she goes back to her old behavior, they’re through.  It’s not because he wants to tell her what to do, so much as that’s something she resolved to do, and he loves the Anathema he knows now, but doesn’t love the Anathema we all used to know.

That’s fair.  She thinks so too.

Yes, it’s the same Anathema, but the old one was destructive.  Even she knows that.

I guess I might have a wedding to attend, if it happens before I leave for Japan.  It might, they want to have the wedding before the baby is born.

It’s not his baby, per se, but…  he doesn’t want it born without at least a father figure.

Oh…  as expected, the performance last night popped up on LINE.  I guess there’s someone who attends all the bands hoping something Japanese happens.  Beth isn’t famous, but there were a few comments saying she did very well for a gaijin, etc.  She’s preening a little.  I hope it doesn’t go to her head.  She’s not like that, but that’s also a bit new to her.

And, of course, Yuki.  All’s going to plan.  I guess the idols are going to show up sometime next month and they’ll do a lot of rehearsals, a few with the symphony too.  Yuki can’t pay them, but they will get a bit of a stipend so they can pay for travel, see the sights and all that.  I guess they’re pretty happy with that.

So…  let’s see.  Next month… the eclipse (the glasses arrived a few days ago, YAY), Jack’s prom, the symphony concert…  and who knows what else.  Busy!

Jack and I would have gone out but Easter’s tomorrow and we’re all doing sunrise services.  Awww..  Guess I’d better get to bed.

Love you all!!! ❤️

From the creator:

I found a program called “obsidian” that does at least some of what I want to do, like trying to figure out what plot holes there are and retconning them.  It’ll be somewhat laborious but at least it’s doable now.  I figure a few a day and I’ll at least have all the data entered by the heat death of the Universe.

I’ve noticed how Lily’s vocabulary has changed.  This wasn’t really intentional, but it’s interesting.  She’s picked up things as I did, but I left it in there because Lily’s a teenage girl and she’ll pick up some things too.  When I first started writing, I tried to deliberately dumb down her vocabulary.  I gave up on that a couple of months in.  She used to speak more childishly (SILLY BILLY LILY and all that) and didn’t say things like “awww”, but that all kind of morphed.  Retconning that will be too difficult, and besides, she started at around fifteen or so and now she’s eighteen.  That happens in real life, too.

A lot of the development of her interests mirrors mine, but not entirely.  I got into anime, so she did too, and a few other things besides.  But the way she handles those interests is different from me.  For example, remember the electronics lab Dave built for them?  I find that stuff really interesting.  She just kind of got through the lessons and left it to David.  I have to write what I know, but I can only overlay my interests on Lily so far before it becomes inauthentic.  I don’t want that to happen.

Also, I’ve been very torn on the subscriber specific stuff, but I’ll save that thought for another note.


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