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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!!!

Spring break is next week!!!


I wonder what we’ll do!!! Will we take a trip??? I don’t know!  Sabby hasn’t said anything!  It would be fun, but I’ve taken plenty of trips.  But still.  It’s a break!!!!!

Today I wasn’t feeling very well.  Not sick, but just a little… off.  I asked Sabby if I could take the afternoon off to rest, and she said yes.  So I did.  I don’t usually sleep in the afternoon, but today I did.  Aww.  But after my nap I felt quite a bit better.  Amazing what a little sleep will do!  She made me some chicken soup, it was nice of her.

Maybe it was my… er… special time?  I don’t know.  It usually doesn’t affect me too badly.

Tonight Liz came over, and we had dinner and watched a movie.  Tonight’s movie was “Star Trek, the Motion Picture”.  I didn’t really understand it, but Dave explained some of it to me.  They spent soo much time just showing the ship!  It was a pretty ship, yes, but… wow.  They must really love that ship.  And the end… “Is this it?  Is this all there is?”  I got chills.  Because sometimes I ask that same question.  “Is this it?  Is this all there is?”

But I don’t mate with a machine and become a transcendental being.  I go to work and doot doot.

Liz is going to sleep over again!  Yaaaaay!

You might ask why I don’t sleep over there.  Well, Liz wants to include Beth.  And, well, if Beth’s going to be my sister, I can’t complain much, right?  We’re going to play competition sudoku!! How do you play competition sudoku?  I have no idea.  I don’t think Liz or Beth know either.  But we’re girls!  We’ll figure it out!!!

I want to do a YouTube or stream tomorrow!!!  I’m not sure what I’ll do, but I’ll figure something out!! The sudoku went really well!!!  Though no one watched it.  Awww.   Not even Jack!!! He likes my videos, and he loves watching me because he says I’m sooo hot…  but even he doesn’t want to spent 45 minutes watching me figure out where to put numbers.  He got as far as me saying I’d dress like a cheerleader and then, well, his mind was elsewhere.  HAHA.  But I guess I understand.  I’ll make something shorter soon.

April Fools is in a month!  I have to think of something fun!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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