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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!


Last night I did my sudoku stream, and in it I said that I’d wear a cheerleader outfit for Jack.  Well, Jack watched it.

He REALLY liked that idea.

Sabby…  didn’t.

So she sat me down and had another one of those talks with me, and now I’m soooo embarrassed!!!  She told me to be careful what I share on the net because Jack’s not the only one that can see it!!!  I’d be sooo embarrassed if my floppy bits or girly bits found their way onto the net!  I’d never do it on purpose, but.. but…


A cheerleader outfit is okay.  Short shorts are… well… mostly okay.  The swimsuit I put up for subscribers was pushing it.  But… but…  what if I wore a maid outfit?  Or… or…  something worse?  Oh no!!!

Point taken, Sabby.

I’m not doing a YouTube tonight.  That’s not why, though.  I just spent 45 minutes last night playing sudoku, and I can’t do it every night!!!  It’s not fun if I do it every night!!!  Someone on YouTube suggested I try a jigsaw puzzle!  Sabby kind of slapped her head and said “why haven’t we done that before?”  so after dinner, all of us sat around the table and put together a puzzle!!!

It was fun!!!  We had hot chocolate and popcorn and put together a puzzle!!!

I don’t have any big plans for this weekend.  Just work and spending time with my friends and…  maybe doing some more YouTube stuff or work on this site!!!  Or maybe even twitch!  I dunno!!!  We’ll see!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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