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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It’s St. Patrick’s day!  Whatever that means. Four years since I was found and I still don’t really know what that means.  Guess it’s some guy who wears green and speaks with an Irish accent and goes pinching people under rainbows.  Or something like that.

So it was a typical Sunday, really.  Went to church…  I had a message but it seemed very targeted, because I didn’t really understand it and neither did most of the people in the congregation, but one person jumped up and ran out crying, so… it must have hit home.  I felt bad for wasting everyone else’s time, but that’s how this thing works I guess.

I felt bad for her running out crying too, but I don’t really get to choose the messages, and she came in a few minutes later seeming okay.  She didn’t seek me out after, though.  They rarely do, I think they realize that I didn’t really have anything to do with the message.

And then the girls came over to rehearse…  OMG Crystal is really coming into her own.  She’s not exactly hendrixing or anything like that, but she’s got a few more chords down and is getting better at doing the lead guitar thing rather than just strumming.  She’s going to be a force to reckon with in a few months.  We’re still not good enough to perform, but Beth is really getting better at vocals, Crystal is, well, like I just said, and Diana’s holding her own with rhythm guitar.  Her heart really isn’t in it, though.  I guess I understand.

Otherwise, we just had a lazy day.  I felt bad for not practicing, but Sabby’s right.  If I practice every day, it’ll do me more harm than good.

Yuki facetimed us with her former idol friends.  They’re pretty cool and think it would be neat to come to the US to perform with her.  She’s seeing if there’s any special visas they need.  But Yuki’s pretty good, she’ll figure it all out.  Sabby said they can stay with us if they want, Japanese folks are usually pretty well-mannered and David, well, he can deal.  Haha!!!

Poor David.  He’s got a thing for Japanese girls now.  I guess after Ai gave him an eyeful it kicked him into gear.  Aww.


Girls are all home now.  Spring break is pretty much over so they’ve got stuff to do.  Crystal told us all about her road trip, she had a lot of fun.  Diana brought back some Mexican souvenirs, which was nice of her.  And Liz, well…  she’s really studying hard.  I guess she wants to get a really good grade on her finals.

Jack’s studying hard, too.  I’m glad.  Wish I got to spend a little more time with him, though.

Oh well.  They say, be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.  And I wanted him to take his studies more seriously…  We still chat most nights though.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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