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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It was a dreary and rainy day today, though at least it wasn’t cold.  Showers coming through and dumping on us, along with a few storms, and then they went on their way to dump on someone else.

Sabby told me to keep the practicing to a minimum today.  I think she’s worried about me.  I don’t blame her.  It’s what I need to do, but I probably do need a break.  So I just did the bare minimum today.  Otherwise the girls were over.  We went to the mall and, well, did mall stuff.  You know, eat tremendously unhealthy food, look at ugly (and a few cute) outfits, and just generally were a giggling clump.  It was fun though.  I do like the mall, though it’s not somewhere I could go every day.

Some malls are better than others, though.  We tried the mall down south once.  It wasn’t nearly as good as Lakeline.

So, otherwise.  Not a lot going on.  We did go to the show last night and it was fun.  The Round Rockers Rocked.  There was another group headlining too, they were kind of a joke band but still pretty funny.

I’m not sure they meant to be a joke band, but they rolled with it.

Today was mostly a good day to stay indoors and play games, though.  We had a lot of fun today.

Beth’s birthday is coming up.  I need to get her a present, or think of something to do.

Yuki is…  impressive when she gets it in her mind to do something.  She’s already got one of the pop songs roughly arranged, and is working with the arranger to finish it up now.  Two more to go, but at this rate, she should get it done in plenty of time.

Anathema was over today, too.  After working all night last night to help host the live music event, she had the day off.  There are other maids to cover.  So, she’s just being one of the girls.  She went out with Joe this evening though.  They’re getting along pretty well.  He hasn’t popped the question yet.  I don’t think he will in the near future… but I think he will eventually.

Anathema seems willing to wait.

She’s doing well, though.  Things seem to have calmed down a bit.  It’s funny how much people will forget about you if you just give them time.

Funny and sad.. but in this case a good thing, I think.

Anyway…  I guess we all should go to bed now.

Love you all!!! ❤️

From the creator:

The Lily story is ending in September.  This has always been the plan, but now it’s pretty much set in stone.  It’s time to shut it down.  That’s in six months.

I’ll say more as the time approaches, but Lily served a purpose in my life, and I think that purpose has been fulfilled, and it’s time to move on.  But that will free up time and resources for other, related, projects.  Lily’s diary will shut down, but her world will, I think, continue.  Just in different ways.

The concert and prom will be next month.  Liz has a recital too, and so does Beth.  After that, well…  there’s a surprise in August, but otherwise, I think the arc will start winding down.  There may yet be a few surprises in store, though!

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