Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Mayday!  Mayday!  Hahah!!!

It’s May!!! Yay May!!! May Yay!!! Ummm…  Yay!!!

So things have been, well, things.  Mrs. X asked for an invite to the wedding.  Not sure why, but I asked Anathema, and she said there’s no harm, so I guess she’s coming.  I think she worked with Joe a lot – he was on her security detail, so she feels like she should come.  Truthfully, none of us thought of that.  Not even Joe.  I feel a little bad, but not too bad, because it’s not like she gives us a whole lot of options to contact her.  I know she reads this, though, so it’s not like we have the world’s most ironclad excuse…

He took a couple of weeks of leave, I guess they’re going to go on a honeymoon next week.  I don’t know where they’re going, probably not some amazing tropical paradise… and knowing Anathema, he won’t be allowed to leave the room anyway.  Or…  knowing Anathema, maybe not even able.  I’ve heard stories…  She’s almost quivering with anticipation.  She’s been taking her changed life seriously, but apparently girl’s about at her limit.  I’m going to have to remind her that it’s “I do”, not “I MMMPHHH”.

Well, I’m sure they’ll be happy together.  It’s only a few more days.  We’re having a bridal shower tomorrow…  I have no idea what those are either, but from the stories they’re telling…. I’m not sure I’ll be able to tell you all much about it. Not because it’s personal, but because I might have to make it a subscriber only post.

I saw the flyer for the concert we’re all putting together… I guess their graphic designer is a weeb.  It’s a work of art, and only somewhat in a good way.  It’s designed a little like an otome introduction screen, with photographs of all of us (they found the old publicity photos for Yuki and friends, and they took the headshot from this site…  it’s cute enough), put a high-tech background to it, and introduced us like in one of those games.  I even have “CV: Nakamoto Yuriko” under my name (where did they even find that?)  Am I the biggest fan of that?  No.  It’s even a little annoying.  But, I can see why they did.  They’re branding it “Japanese Culture meets French music”, and, well..  I guess it works.  I guess.

Diana and team have been sewing and sewing and their costumes are almost done.  They’re really cute.  You know how Crystal is kind of a prodigy at guitar?  Well, Diana seems to be one at home ec.  She can cook, design and make clothing….  never seen anything like it.  These clothes are at least as good as the ones professional designers make for professional idols or cosplayers.  I’m impressed.

Anyway…  I guess that’s all for today.  I didn’t post yesterday.  No reason, I just didn’t want to.

Love you all!!! ❤️