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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

We had a birthday party today!!!  ALLISON!  WOOO!!!!

So Aika and Mika did show up.  I was actually surprised, it’s a long trip for a girl they don’t even know.  I asked, and Emiko just shrugged, and said “Well, they do like a party, and Sabby wasn’t lying about how good her cookies are.”  Oh great, Sabby’ll get a big head.  haha!  Besides, apparently they went to the waterpark yesterday, so…

I want to go to the waterpark!!!  Awww.

Anyway, after I got home from work, everyone showed up, and OMG was it a party! David had a nice party, but this one was off the hook!  Everyone showed up!!!  Aika and Mika and Emiko and Bill, and Liz and Crystal and Diana, and Beth of course, and some of Allison’s friends from school!!!  SO MANY GIRLS!!!!  David actually looked a bit uncomfortable, but hey, there was grilled cheese and cake and cookies…  he dealt with it.  After dinner we basically took over the house and played games and had all sorts of fun!!!  We watched a movie too, (Allison chose Encanto because she’s seen it a million times and of course she did!) but Allison had to go a little early because she’s still nine, and things calmed down towards the evening.  Marie was having sooo much fun too!  All sorts of people to pet her!!!

Someone had the idea to play “pin the tail on the Sabby”, but that one didn’t last very long, haha!!!

Anyway, no girl piles tonight because most of them have school tomorrow, but still, we had lots of fun!!!  Time to walk Marie and go to bed.

Love you all!!! ❤

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